27 January 2023 16:02

Marketing & Digital Specialist

Purpose of the role

The purpose of this position is to facilitate all the processes needed to stabilize and strengthen the positioning of IGD Shopping Centers in the omnichannel business, as well as identify what needs to be done to implement the digital strategy and identify co-marketing opportunities with tenants/other retail businesses.

As part of the Commercial, Marketing and CSR Division, the Marketing & Digital Specialist will interface with the Shopping Center Managers and the Marketing and Communication Agencies, as well as work on implementing the digitalization project undertaken by the company as of 2020 and define the co-marketing actions to be taken with the commercial partners.


Responsibilities and daily activities

    • Identify the steps to be taken to implement the company’s Digital Marketing strategy, assessing the results achieved periodically;
    • Interface with outside parties (retailers, colleagues, marketing firms) in order to increase lead generation;
    • Assist the Marketing Department with the identification of possible digital innovations.


    • Identify opportunities to collaborate with retail tenants/partners;
    • Share co-marketing projects with these realities;
    • Monitor the development of these projects.


  • CRM:
    • Overall system management;
    • Take care of clustering;
    • Assess and monitor system developments/improvements.


    • Interface with the software companies engaged to provide support and maintain the shopping centers’ websites;
    • Periodically monitor the performance of the social media used by the individual shopping centers (now Facebook and Instagram) as part of an ongoing relationship with shopping center management and the agency (s) managing the use of the tools;
    • Assess the possible use of any new tools.


Job requirements

The ideal candidate will have:

  • a college degree in computer science or equivalent qualifications
  • at least 3-4 years of experience in a similar role at a small/medium-sized company or with an IT services company
  • in-depth knowledge of computer networks and communication protocols
  • in-depth understanding of firewalling, switching, VPN and network security threats, antivirus software, penetration testing
  • familiarity with Cyber Security, Data Protection and data encryption
  • English

Added pluses include:

  • completion of training courses relating to network and cyber security
  • proactive and results driven
  • ability to problem – solve and streamline activities
  • propensity for self-development and ability to work independently
  • good communication skills


Location: Bologna

Date job offer published: 25/01/2023


Interested parties are asked to kindly submit their applications by clicking on the link provided below or by writing to ufficio.personaleigd@gruppoigd.it.