We safeguard diversity and promote a culture of inclusion

People are key to our success, that is why we believe recognizing and protecting diversity, as well as promoting inclusion and equal opportunities, is essential to our work.

In our Code of Ethics we have, in fact, declared our commitment to:

  1. zero tolerance of any sort of discrimination based on gender, age, sexual orientation, health status, nationality or origin, political opinions and religious beliefs;
  2. ensure impartiality and fairness, with respect to both relationships and career opportunities;
  3. protect the physical and moral integrity of our employees, prohibiting any practices which violate their dignity.


female population in IGD
Male-Female pay gap in Italy
participation rate in climate survey

Furthermore, in the “Protocol for the development of positive steps to be taken with regard to equal opportunities, solidarity and work-life balance“, we defined the steps that need to be taken to protect our people’s needs, including :

  • the right to an education, training and cultural advancement;
  • work-life balance;
  • maternity/paternity leave and support, healthcare, family/personal leave and support for situations of extreme difficulty;
  • promotion of gender equality, the fight against discrimination and violations of human dignity;
  • inclusion of the physically challenged;
  • support and promotion of community service.

We listen carefully to the opinions of all our employees

For us the work environment surveys are an important tool which make it possible for us to understand our people’s perspective and assess, by looking at their experiences in the company, aspects relating to the organization of the company and working environment, the activities carried out and the degree of satisfaction within the company.

In this way we can identify the strong points and areas in need of improvement and, above all, define and implement actions in order to provide concrete responses to any needs that emerge, which increases the  professional and personal satisfaction of all our people.

This is a moment of listening and active involvement of all of IGD’s people who then build their work environment together, a fair and inclusive space.

In 2022 we conducted IGD’s third work environment survey which had a participation rate of 85%. The picture was, overall, positive with several strong points and a few areas in need of improvement.


Strong points:

  • adequacy of the skills with respect to the duties assigned
  • contribution to company growth and team managers upheld their responsibilities for their people


Areas in need of improvement:

  • cross-team collaboration

In response to the survey results external benchmarking was undertaken and analyses were made based on individual interviews.  The performance review system and the relative KPIs were also enhanced, along with the opportunities for sharing company values and objectives.