A key part of IGD’s strategy is the active development of its shopping centers through both the completion of new projects and the extension of existing centers. The goal is always to increase the commercial appeal and competitiveness of the center while, at the same time, generating sustainable revenue growth and enhancing the property’s market value.


With a view to maintaining the high quality and efficiency of its shopping centers, IGD focuses on the restyling and refurbishment of existing centers and continues to be open to any new opportunities that might materialize on the market.


Over the past few years we have completed the restyling of some of IGD’s most popular centers like La Favorita in Mantua, Casilino in Rome and Gran Rondò in Crema, as well as the extensions of Esp in Ravenna and Città delle Stelle in Ascoli Piceno, and now we have important new projects in the works. In September 2023 we completed the Officine Storiche section of the Porta a Mare project in Livorno, and in November 2023 we completed also the restyling of Portogrande Shopping Center in Ascoli Piceno. Now is underway the restyling of Leonardo Shopping Center in Imola in addition to the masterplan of Livorno Porta a Mare.