We play an active role in the prevention of corruption

One of the key factors of our reputation is our ability to carry out our business with loyalty, correctness, transparency, honesty and integrity, in accordance with values and standards contained in the Code of Conduct as IGD believes that business operations must be carried out ethically. The tools and controls used to prevent any form of corruption, active and passive, direct and indirect, are, therefore, monitored constantly.

The compliance with current laws, both in relationship with private parties and public administrations is guaranteed by adopting all the controls referred to in the Legislative Decree 231/2001 Organizational Model of which the Code of Conduct is an integral part.

With a view to strengthening its commitment, we aligned our anticorruption management system with the standard UNI ISO 37001 – Anti Bribery Management Systems, by adopting the Anticorruption Policy in order to guarantee compliance with the law and international best practices, with a view to establishing a corporate culture focused on legality, the prevention of and fight against corruption.

The Addresses of the Policy are all those who carry out activities on behalf of the IGD Group, internally and xternally, and therefore, are bound by this Policy and must conduct themselves in accordance with the Policy.

Win Magazin SA, is the first company in Romania anti-bribery certified

In April 2018, Win Magazin SA, the Romanian subsidiary fof IGD, has been UNI ISO 37001 certified.

UNI ISO 37001 is the only international standard which certifies management systems dedicated to preventing and fighting bribery within companies and which specifies the measures and the controls that an organization should adopt in order to monitor, as well as increase the efficacy, of the anti-bribery system.