We create value for our stakeholders through sustainable growth

Our mission

Our mission is to create value for all our stakeholders: shareholders and financial community, employees, visitors and local communities, tenants, suppliers as well as environment.  We believe this is possible through sustainable growth.



The values, which represent the founding principles of our company, are expressed in the IGD Group’s Charter of Values.

Our values


The Company makes decisions autonomously, expressing independent ideas and proposals that are consistent with its by-laws.


The Company guarantees the absolute confidentiality of the information in its possession. Information may only be disclosed in accordance with the law.


Every decision the Company makes aims to enhance capital investments, company assets, its people, as well as safeguard the environment and the health and safety of its employees and third parties.


Continuous improvement in the services provided is one of the Company’s perennial objectives. The Company is also committed to promoting change, as well as sustainable development and market improvements. Toward this end, the Company also promotes and supports research and innovation.


The Company strives to maintain a balanced and mutually beneficial relationship with all stakeholders. Balancing the expectations and interests of the different stakeholders is done with a view to the utmost effectiveness, efficiency and equity.


The Company bases its behavior on principles of honest and fairness, and refrains from all forms of collusion that may violate the rules of fair competition.


Directors, managers and employees act responsibly, honestly and refrain from pursuing personal and business interests to the detriment of legality and respect for the Code of Conduct.


The Company refrains from creating arbitrary advantages or disadvantages for employees, consumers, suppliers and local or national institutions and public administrations.


The Company behaves fairly and transparently, avoiding misleading information and conduct aimed at drawing undue advantage from the weakness or unawareness of others.


The Company honors its commitments and does not make choices that put business continuity at risk. It builds commercial and professional relationships with its employees and with third parties which comply with the law and reflect the principle of good faith. The Company, therefore, respects its commitments while running the business as a going concern.


The Company acts responsibly toward all its stakeholders in a fair, transparent manner consistent with Gruppo IGD's best interests and the rules of competition and free enterprise.


The Company uses the utmost restraint in its consumption of all resources (natural, tangible and intangible). It allocates resources with a view to preventing inefficiency and waste.


The Company adopts and follows a sustainability policy, supports environmental initiatives in order to promote sustainable development and implements the best technologies with a view to limiting environmental risks and impact.


The Company provides transparent, complete and comprehensible information so that all stakeholders can make informed decisions and verify that the results achieved are consistent with the targets disclosed.


The Company strives to create a better place for future generations, consistent with business continuity and company objectives.

Our vision

IGD decided to concentrate on the retail segment and to remain focused primarily on the Italian market as we believe that there is still room in Italy for interesting development or expansion projects and expect that the retail segment will continue to be more dynamic than other real estate sectors.

Centro d'Abruzzo, Pescara

Typically IGD’s shopping centers are midsize and located near cities, along main thoroughfares which make them easy to reach.  IGD’s portfolio is geographically well segmented and very diversified as it is found throughout Italy. Most of the shopping centers are also strongly positioned in primary catchment areas.

Another essential element of an IGD shopping center is the presence of a food anchor, next to the mall: in this way IGD is able to gain customer loyalty and attract traffic all week long.  Today this format is changing and new, nonfood anchors are being placed in midsize stores. Porte di Napoli (Naples), Tiburtino (Rome), and Maremà (Grosseto) are examples of how a center’s appeal is not linked solely to the hypermarket, but to the mall’s entire offering.

IGD’s shopping centers want to continue to be known for the livable spaces, in line with the “Spaces to be lived in” philosophy which drives asset and commercial management.

Since 2008 IGD has been in Romania where it controls the WinMagazine chain of department stores. This acquisition was made at a time when the country promised high yields and very good growth rates. The changed operating environment, made more challenging by the consumer crisis and increased competition, led us to revise our strategy which today is clearly focused on the Italian market.

Winmarkt Ploiesti, Romania