Functions and composition

The role of the Board of Directors is to define the strategic planning of the Company and the Group and it is responsible for governance in the running of the company. The Board of Directors has the right to carry out all actions deemed appropriate in order to implement and achieve the corporate purpose, with the exception of those actions that are reserved by law or by the Articles of Association to the Shareholders’ Meeting.

The Board of Directors currently in office was appointed during the Shareholders’ Meeting on 18 April 2024 on the basis of the “list voting” system and it confirmed that the number of board members would be 11. The board members were drawn from the list submitted by the majority shareholder, Coop Alleanza 3.0 and from the list submitted by the shareholder Unicoop Tirreno.

The members of the Board of Directors appointed were: Antonio Rizzi (Chairman), Edy Gambetti (Vice Chairman), Roberto Zoia (Chief Executive Officer and General Manager), Antonello Cestelli, Antonio Cerulli, Mirella Pellegrini, Simonetta Ciocchi, Daniela Delfrate e Laura Ceccotti from the list submitted by the majority shareholder; Alessia Savino and Francesca Mencuccini from the list submitted by Unicoop Tirreno. The current directors will be in office for three financial years and will remain so until the Shareholders’ Meeting which will be called for the approval of the 2026 financial statements.

The Board of Directors in office until 18 April 2024 was comprised of the following Directors: Rossella Saoncella (Chair), Stefano Dall’Ara (Vice Chairman), Claudio Albertini (Chief Executive Officer), Edy Gambetti, Antonio Rizzi, Silvia Benzi, Rossella Schiavini, Alessia Savino, Rosa Cipriotti, Timothy Michele Guy Santini and Géry Robert-Ambroix.