IGD is known for the careful, daily management of its assets

Property management and leasing of all the Group’s freehold properties in Italy and Romania, as well as 3 third party assets, represent IGD’s core business. The main objective in this regard is to enhance the value of the portfolio over the medium/long term through active management of the properties, maintaining functional, flexible properties while optimizing costs taking into account the total life cycle of the shopping center.

IGD’s strong point is the ability to carry out 360 degree technical, commercial and operational management of its assets internally.

IGD has been managing shopping centers in Italy for almost 20 years and has acquired, therefore, unique know-how which guarantees a high level of professionalism and a creative approach to the operational management and marketing of its centers, both freehold and leasehold properties.

More in detail, the management activities include:

Technical assistance

It consists in the planning and building of new shopping centers as well as extraordinary maintenance, with a view to meeting needs for modernity, profitability and sustainability through, for example, the design of the building, systems and infrastructure for traffic. Another area which is becoming increasingly important relates to the restyling, restructuring, remodeling of spaces and extensions of existing centers. The constant modernization, the remodeling of spaces and extension of existing shopping centers are, at this point, part of IGD’s daily routine as only the centers which change apace with the times will be successful in the long term. All technical-architectural work is done with a view to optimizing the properties’ energy efficiency.


Commercial assistance

This consists in analyzing the catchment area, the location of the shopping center and the surrounding competitive environment in order to select the merchandise mix which best meets the needs of our customers.  This preliminary activity is followed by the selection of the local, domestic and international tenants to lease the space in our malls to in order to main high levels of occupancy and increase rental income, while satisfaying our customer needs.


Lease management

It involves executing and managing the leases between IGD and the retailers found in our shopping centers. Over time turnover management has provided us with an opportunity to improve the quality and reliability of our tenants.


Operations and marketing

This involves the organization of events and the promotion of various initiatives in order to stimulate traffic. More in detail, marketing focuses on highlighting the social role of shopping center as a place where people can meet and socialize, where the visitor has an active role and can find recreational activities and entertainment.  This activity is coordinated, in part, by headquarters and, in part, is tailored to meet the needs of each shopping center and the local community.