Work-life balance helps people to better express their potential

IGD’s works to ensure that our people can grow professionally in a welcoming environment and find the best work-life balance.

We adhere to our sector’s National Collective Labor Agreement and since 2013 we have adopted a second-level supplementary agreement, aimed at all Group personnel working in Italy.

The contract has a section of specific measures which formalize the need to further support work-life balance through good practices.

Second-level supplementary agreement

Flexible working hours

We adopt an organizational and operating model for personnel which provides for flexible working hours, consistent with the company’s needs. Each employee has 1.5 hours of leeway in beginning and ending the day and may opt for a hybrid work method if the position allows. We also provide for different types of part-time work if requested by the employee, which may vary in duration and as a percentage, in order to support work-life balance.

Right to study

Our employees who are enrolled and attend study programs, may request leave or time-off, paid or unpaid, in order to make it easier to work and obtain a degree or complete a specific course.

Maternity support

We also have some additional maternity support measures including additional unpaid leave for childcare. In addition, pregnant women are entitled to paid time off for prenatal check-ups and examinations.

Health checks

We give all our employees 3 hours a year of paid leave for appointments with specialized doctors. Employees aged 45 and over are granted an additional package of 3 hours per year for preventive care visits and examinations.

Familiy and personal leave

Each employee is entitled to unpaid leave of up to a maximum of 2 years and unpaid time off for up to a maximum of 2 weeks each year during the year for serious family or personal reasons.

Union rights

We guarantee members of the company union a certain number of hours of union leave each year. We also ensure that all our employees can attend union meetings and undertake to facilitate attendance, including remotely.

A tool at the service of our employees: the Corporate Welfare Program


of the employees took advantage of the corporate wellness program in 2023

We have always paid attention to the wellbeing of our people as we believe that it has a significant impact on the work environment and the ability  to work effectively. That is why in 2017 we adopted a Corporate Welfare Program in order to meet different needs across the company and, consequently, improve the private and professional lives of our employees.

The welfare program was conceived for all employees with a permanent contract, with the exception of executives. Each employee receives a fixed amount every year (based on full or part-time positions) which may be used for benefits and services including to supplement family income, for education, childcare, preventive healthcare, as well as leisure activities and discounted shopping.

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We promote work-life balance

Since we believe that finding a balance between work, personal and family needs is crucial we have adopted concrete measures to support our people and structured organizational methods which promote flexible working hours, consistent with operational needs.

We have also signed a  smart-working agreement with the labor unions based on which remote working is possible for up to a maximum of two working days a week.  We aim to introduce an increasingly flexible organization model focused on targets and to contribute to safeguarding the environment by reducing work-home commuting.

In the face of particular needs, personal or family related, each employee may also count on measures and tools like leaves of absence, time off, paid leaves or other types of economic support.