Sustainability is an integral part of all our business strategies

We embarked on our structured path to sustainability in 2010, driven by our cooperative background, but also by the belief that the adoption of social responsibility criteria in the shopping center sector would have helped us in pursuing long-term growth. We were also guided by other factors, such as the desire to meet the expectations of our stakeholders with respect to sustainability

As was the case with the last two business plans, sustainability is an integral part of the new Business Plan 2019-2021. Beginning in 2013 IGD’s has, in fact, included economic, environmental and social targets in its business plan and since then there has been a greater focus on sustainability as a tool to be used to create value for all our stakeholders.

We used a structured approach to define the part of the Business Plan relating to sustainability which also called for, among other things, an analysis of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and what we need to do to achieve 9 out of the 17 sustainable goals for the millennium defined by the United Nations.

We included the themes related to sustainability in the Plan which were part of the GREAT acronym presented in the last Corporate Sustainability Report.   “Becoming GREAT” represents the group of material topics that were defined following the revision of the materiality analysis conducted in 2017, which testifies to IGD’s consistent and constant commitment to becoming Green, Responsible, Ethical, Attractive, Together with its stakeholders.



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The Covid 19 pandemic, which made its mark in 2020 on a global level, had a highly significant impact on the planning of corporate activities. However, IGD decided to not change its strategy toward sustainability, indeed it decided to confirm it, albeit with the need for partial adjustments to be carried out in the 3 elements upon which it is founded (material issues, risks and targets).

More specifically:

  • The 12 material issues were confirmed, with just the addition of necessary greater focus on the matter of «health» which was integrated into the issue «wellbeing and safety»;
  • Specific «pandemic risks» were included amongst the sustainability risks;
  • Several targets were suspended or postponed until 2021, in particular following IGD’s decision to go ahead in 2020 only with undeferrable investments.

Our priorities

With a view to optimal management of the environmental impact that shopping centers can have, we have earmarked around €5 million to be invested in increasing the energy efficiency of our assets and installing more solar panels.

Testimony to our commitment to improving the environmental performance of each center, we are striving to obtain UNI EN ISO 14001 and BREEAM certification for our assets: the target included in the Plan is to obtain UNI EN ISO 14001 for almost the entire portfolio, as well as BREEAM IN USE certification for 5 more centers (in addition to the 3 that have already been certified).

We have also already defined steps that need to be taken to foster sustainable mobility: firstly, we will conduct a feasibility study relating to cycling mobility; secondly we will evaluate how to promote bike and car sharing.


Results achieved in 2020

We continued the certification process of our shopping centers with 4 new UNI EN ISO 14001 certified centers (95% of m2 of the fully-owned Malls portfolio is now certified) and 3 BREEAM IN USE certified centers.

€1.2 million were invested to improve energy efficiency in the structure

34 EV charging stations installed in 17 Shopping Centers, 1 Ionity chargin station and 2 new “Supercharger” Tesla stations installed in 3 Shopping Centers


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We will be responsible with people, beginning with our employees. We will commit, therefore, to constantly updating our corporate welfare system and the portal introduced in 2017.

The company also pays careful attention to the health and wellbeing of all the people who visit the shopping centers daily. Toward this end projects (some of which voluntary) are included in the Business Plan designed to improve safety such as, for example, the use of electrical cut-off systems and earthquake proofing.


Results achieved in 2020

€1.3 million were invested to ensure that all the people that work in the Shopping Centers could continue to be operational and that customers could visit the Shopping Centers in complete safety.

Specific measures were defined to protect the workforce during the pandemic (such as for example the launch of smart working for the Headquarters employees).


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Ethics, transparency and responsibility are values which inform who the Group is.  In order to strengthen our commitment in this sense, we have begun the process needed to obtain the UNI EN ISO 37001 anticorruption certification already awarded to our Rumanian subsidiary Winmarkt (the process ended in the early months of 2020, with the obtaining of the ISO 37001 certification for IGD). We also intend to maintain the Legality Rating with the maximum achievable score (3 stars).


Results achieved in 2020

The UNI ISO 37001:2016 “Anti-Bribery Management System” certification, the international standard for anti-bribery management systems, was obtained also in Italy

The Organisational, Management and Control of Risks Model ex Legislative Decree
231/2001 was updated.


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IGD will strive to ensure that its properties truly reflect the pay-off “Spaces to be lived in”. Over the next three years we will focus on measures which improve the shopping center’s “wellbeing”.

As for social aspects and the relationship with the local community, the company’s challenge is to bring “social street” dynamics and approaches inside the shopping centers. Toward this end, we are driven by the conviction that the shopping center should increasingly be a regional point of reference and an integral part of the local community.


Results achieved in 2020

A communication campaign was launched reassuring visitors about the post lockdown safety within the Shopping Centres and the retail offers available;

Scouting activities continued with the introduction of 18 new tenants in the Italian Shopping Malls.


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Interaction with the stakeholders, both institutional and local, is crucial for IGD. For this reason we intend to continue with the involvement of all our stakeholders through various initiatives; in particular we want to involve the tenants more and more on the issues of sustainability and we will undertake a process of engagement, dialogue and comparison with the Millennials, to define together the shopping center guidelines for the next years.


Results achieved in 2020

Cooperation with 140 local associations and NPOs was maintained, despite the impossibility of organising social gathering events.


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