Why is IGD together?

Due to the nature itself of our business, we enter into contact with a variety of stakeholders, both at institutional level and at a more local level. We have established a continuous dialogue with these in order to understand their needs and expectations and to determine their level of satisfaction in terms of decisions made and actions carried out. This constant interaction is extremely important at local level, where the Shopping Center not only takes on a significant role regarding shopping, but it also becomes a producer of economic development and a place in which to get together.


We continuously seek to engage our Stakeholders. Investors and lending banks in particular, express their willingness to finance Sustainable and Responsible Investments. These investments are orientated towards the medium to long term and the assessment of businesses and institutions involves the integration of financial analysis with environmental, social and good governance analysis, in order to create value for the investor and for society at large.

Andrea Bonvicini, Director of Finance Division


Material issues

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Local communities