We act in compliance with the highest transparency standards to meet investors’ expectations

Effective corporate governance aligned to the best practices is an essential requirement for investors and the financial community. For this reason our materiality analysis has identified Ethics as one of the relevant macro-areas.

IGD undertakes to operate ethically and to ensure that all the necessary safeguard measures are in place, in order to guarantee compliance with the law both with regard to its own conduct and by positively influencing the context in which it operates.


Transparency, integrity and legality that are an essential and integral part of IGD’ s vision and corporate culture.


IGD, aware of the need to guarantee conditions of correctness and transparency when carrying out its business and corporate activities, has adopted internal procedures and tools that help to reinforce the culture of legality as a founding value, in addition to being a valid awareness-raising and guiding tool for all its stakeholders.


The Code of Conduct is key to defining IGD’s corporate identity and is also instrumental to Corporate Social Responsibility. The document groups together the values and the principles that inspire and shape IGD’s conduct in its relations with its stakeholders.


Starting from 2006 IGD has adopted the Organizational, Management and Control Model, with the purpose to create a structured and organised system of rules, procedures, tools, and control activities, aimed at achieving goals regarding the effectiveness and the efficiency of activities and at the same time preventing the perpetration of different types of crimes and offences prescribed by the Legislative Decree 231/2001.


IGD adopted the “Whistleblowing Procedure” to govern the way the discosures of violations, known or suspect, of the law, the Organizational Model, the Code of Conduct, the Anticorruption Policy, the corporate procedures, as well as any other self-regulation tool adopted by the IGD Group.


With a view to strengthening its commitment to prevent any form of corruption, active and passive, direct and indirect, IGD aligned its anticorruption management system with the standard UNI ISO 37001 – Anti Bribery Management Systems, by adopting the Anticorruption Policy in order to guarantee compliance with the law and international best practices, with a view to establishing a corporate culture focused on legality, the prevention of and fight against corruption.


The Legality Rating represents a reward system for those enterprises that abide by the law and adapt their organisations and business activities to follow suit, with the aim of increasing the security and the competitiveness of the market. In 2016 IGD obtained for the first time the Legality Rating with a score of three stars, the maximum score possible for this recognition, which was confirmed in the three subsequent renewals requested in 2018, 2020 and 2022.

Our fiscal policy

We aligns our conduct regarding taxation to comply with the laws in force. Furthermore, in accordance with the principle of responsibility, as stated in the IGD’s Code of Conduct, transparency and legality are the driving forces behind its fiscal approach and the fulfilment of its tax obligations. In addition, we included tax violations in our Organisational Management Model ex Legislative Decree 231/01.

With a view to sustainable development, fully aware that revenue deriving from taxes contributes to the social and economic development of the area in question, IGD pays taxes exclusively in the countries in which the Company operates (Italy and Romania).

Every year the Company reports its taxes in its financial statements. Ordinary tax management activities and relations with the Tax Authorities, in Italy, are the responsibility of the Administration, Legal and Corporate Affairs Division and the decisions regarding extraordinary management are defined by the Operating Management of IGD. In Romania, relations with the Tax Authorities are
managed directly by the subsidiaries Winmarkt Management Srl and WinMagazin SA.


Ebit (€/thousands) 85,504 2,197
Taxes (€/thousands) 2,650 352
% Tax 3.1% 16%