Unique positioning in the Italian retail property sector

The Italian leader in the sector

We have a large portfolio of retail assets that, thanks to a strong customer base, generates sound revenues, cash flow and significative economies of scale; our competitive position in the Italian retail property market, a market that remains stable and attractive, is therefore strongly competitive.

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Dominant shopping centers

A portfolio of quality assets that are points of reference for customers in their catchment areas. The sizes of assets and number of shops are coherent with the catchment areas that serve and, more generally, with the distribution of Italian inhabitants in a large number of midsize cities.

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We pursue a path of sustainable growth in a long-term perspective, where economic-financial aspects are increasingly integrated with social-environmental ones, with the aim of create value for all our stakeholders.

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Well distributed presence

A well distributed presence throughout Italy, but concentrated mainly in the strategic northern and central areas of Italy where the GDP per capita is above the EU average.

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Customer loyalty

We have a strong food anchor (Coop), deeply rooted in Italy’s social fiber, supported by other brands and highly attractive services in the malls; this guarantees a steady level of footfalls.

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360 Degree management

Direct management of the properties: a carefully selected merchandising mix, sound asset management, marketing initiatives adapted to each environment and a variety of customer services.

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Low exposure to new development projects

Very low exposure to the pre-letting risks associated with development projects.

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