Our governance model

IGD, since it was listed on 11 February 2005, has endorsed the Corporate Governance Code of listed companies, developed by the Corporate Governance Committee of Borsa Italiana, the Italian Stock Exchange, by setting up its own corporate governance structure in terms of a set of standards and behaviour guidelines, so as to ensure that the governing bodies and control systems work efficiently and in a transparent manner, in compliance with the recommendations set out in Borsa Italiana’s Code.

In line with the international best practices on the issue of corporate governance and following the recommendations in Borsa Italiana’s Code, the Company has had its own Governance Regulations since 2008, the purpose being to regulate the composition, the responsibilities and the role of the corporate bodies which, together with other documents  (Articles of Association, Code of Ethics, Organisational, Management and Control Model ex legislative decree  231/2001, Shareholders’ Meeting Regulations, Procedure for transactions with related parties, Procedure for the management and processing of privileged information, Internal dealing Code), form the set of instruments for the self-standardisation of the governance of the Company.

IGD adopted a traditional management and control system .

The functions and activities of the following corporate bodies are defined in the Articles of Association:


Report on Corporate Governance and Owenrship Structure

The Report on Corporate Governance and Ownership Structure is drawn up annually in accordance with the format issued every year by the Corporate Governance committee of Borsa Italiana and it contains a general description of the corporate governance system adopted by IGD, information on its ownership structure and on its compliance with the Corporate Governance Code promoted by Borsa Italiana.



Report on Corporate Governance and ownership structure 2021 (1 MB – pdf)



The Report on Corporate Governance of the previous years are available in the Corporate Document Archive.