Our sustainability targets

The sustainability targets set for the future represent one of the fundamental elements to make our “Becoming GREAT” sustainability strategy effectively operational.


The 2022-2024 Sustainability Plan

2021 was the year in which we planned our future committments, with the definition of our new 2022-2024 Business Plan. The definition of new sustainability targets was carried out by taking into account factors that were both internal and external to the company. The internal ones included the strategic decision to identify sustainability as one of the Business Plan’s core drivers to which a substantial part of the overall investments was to be assigned; included in the external ones was the overall increase in focus that all the Company’s stakeholders placed on Sustainabilty issues.

Given the evolving situation, IGD decided to structure the planning activities by defining 41 quantitative targets for the 2022-2024 period, the fulfilment of which will entail an overall investment of approximately €13 million in the 2022-2024 three-year period.

2023 was the second year of the 2022-2024 Plan; at the end of the year the achievement rate of the ESG targets is estimated to have reached 68.9%. The actions carried out during the year in order to reach the targets and the levels of achievement of the targets during the Plan timespan are reported below.


IssueTargetActions carried out in 2022Level of achievement of target in the Plan
Use of electricity coming 100% from renewable sources Use, in Italy, of electricity coming 94% from renewable sourcesAchieved in significant part
Double the energy produced from renewable sources (baseline 2021)1 new photovoltaic system installed in La Favorita (Mn) which will be operational from 1Q24 and 3 photovoltaic systems installed in 3 shopping centers in RomaniaAchieved in small part
Reduce energy consumption at least by -15% (baseline 2018)Intensity per square metre of energy consumption in 2023 was reduced by 22.8% (baseline 2018)Fully achieved
Assess scope 3 emissions and define first reductionsScope 3 emissions were reported and the calculation was fine-tuned in 2023. The definition of specific targets is currently being assessedAchieved in significant part
Create a circular economy project in at least 25% of the freehold shopping centers 3 projects created in 3 shopping centers in BolognaAchieved in small part
Increase waste sorting by 15% in Italy (baseline 2021)In 2023 waste sorting increased by 16% compared to 2021Fully achieved
9 more assets Breaam certified by 2024The procedure for the certification of 2 more shopping centers is underway as is the renewal of the certification for 3 structuresAchieved in small part
Introduction of EV charging areas in 100% of the Italian portfolio22 out of 26 shopping centers with at least oneEV charging stationAchieved in significant part
Installation of systems, enabling consumption to be monitored and reduced, in 23 fully owned shopping centersThe pilot project in Centro Sarca regarding consumption monitoring and reduction based on AI was concluded with positive results. The pilot project for the creation of a data collection portal regarding Puntadiferro was concluded with a positive outcome. An energy consumption assessment system is active in 7 shopping centers in the Emilia Romagna areaAchieved in small part
Development of projects to foster biodiversity in at least 4 shopping centersProject created in 2 shopping centers and in the planning stage for a thirdAchieved in significant part
Assess the possibility of becoming part of at least one energy communityInternal assessment underway in light of the developments in legislationAchieved in small part
Training each year for 100% of employees in Italy and RomaniaItaly: 100% of employees received training; Romania: 52%. Total Group: 96%Fully achieved
Carry out an internal atmosphere assessment during the 3y period and at least two pulse surveys (Italy)Internal atmosphere assessment and 1 pulse survey carried out in 2022; in 2023 a Virtual Focus Group was held to involve the employees in the definition of the new responsibiltiies and skills modelFully achieved
Define a target linked to ESG issues for part of the corporate workforce (Italy)Starting from the ESG targets already defined and assigned to the Management, targets were allocated to 10% of the staffFully achieved
Introduce every year at least one new service into the corporate Welfare Plan for the employees (Italy)Luncheon vouchers were digitalised, with and increase in their value to the employees' advantageFully achieved
Certify 100% of the shopping centers in accordance with the Biosafety Trust Certification schemeThe certification was renewed for all the Italian freehold shopping centers, in addition to the HQFully achieved
Increasingly integrate sustainability risks into Enterprise Risk ManagementFirst results of the process launched with the new Risk Management role for the integration of sustainability risks into ERMAchieved in small part
Increase the Board of Directors' participation in CSRInduction session were held in 2022 with the BoD, concerning both governance and activities carried out with regard to corporate sustainabilityAchieved in small part
Develop a corporate cybersecurity strategyThe IT system was internalised and the new role of IT Network & Security Specialist was introduced: specific security measures were applied, aimed at protecting the wired and wi-fi networks and preventing possible cyberattacks.Achieved in significant part
Update internal regulations in full compliance with the "privacy" law currently in forceThe procedures were updated and appropriate audit activities were carried outFully achieved
Codify a system for the assessment of suppliers along the supply chain with a view to sustainabilityA policy for the sustainable management of the Supply Chain was definedFully achieved
Maintain the Legality Rating with the maximum scoreTarget achieved with the renewal in 2022 with the maximum scoreFully achieved
Maintain UNI ISO 37001 CertificationThree-yearly renewal of the certificatiion was obtainedFully achieved
Carry out restyling/refurbishment activities in 4 shopping centers with energy improvement measuresIn 2023 the retail part of Officine Storiche at Porta a Mare (Li) was inaugurated and restyling work was completed in Portogrande shopping center (Ap); work is currently underway in Leonardo shopping center (Bo)Achieved in significant part
100% of the Italian shopping centers with at least one annual initiative on social or environmental issuesActivity carried out in 96% of the shopping centersFully achieved
An across-the-board initiative involving at least 50% of the shopping centers on CSR issues (Italy)"Isola della Salute" was organized in 6 shopping centers with focus on nutritional wellbeingAchieved in small part
Organisation of initiatives aimed at preventing digital divided in at least 50% of Italian shopping centersNo initiatives were carried outNot achieved
Define a framework for the issuing of financial instruments linked to sustainabilityFramework created a the beginning of 2022Fully achieved
Assess the opportunity of obtaining a solicited ESG RatingSolicited GRESB rating obtained in 2023Fully achieved
Organise an Investor/CSR DayThe Company decide not to organise an Investor/CSR day in 2023Not achieved
Increase the number of events to participate in, also with specific focus on ESG issuesThe company participate in the Sustainability Week organised by Borsa ItalianaAchieved in small part
Carry out at least one survey for each shopping center every year2 waves of customer satisfaction surveys were carried out regarding 7 shopping centersAchieved in small part
Involve at least one non-profit organisation in 100% of the shopping centersNon-profit organisations were involved in 96% of the shopping centersFully achieved
Examine the opportunity to resume the "Social Borgo" projectAfter replanning the project in 2023, it will now become operational in Borgo shopping center during the first few months of 2024Achieved in small part