Our sustainability targets

The sustainability targets set for the future represent one of the fundamental elements to make our “Becoming GREAT” sustainability strategy effectively operational.


The 2022-2024 Sustainability Plan

2021 was the year in which we planned our future committments, with the definition of our new 2022-2024 Business Plan. The definition of new sustainability targets was carried out by taking into account factors that were both internal and external to the company. The internal ones included the strategic decision to identify sustainability as one of the Business Plan’s core drivers to which a substantial part of the overall investments was to be assigned; included in the external ones was the overall increase in focus that all the Company’s stakeholders placed on Sustainabilty issues.

Given the evolving situation, IGD decided to structure the planning activities by defining 41 quantitative targets for the 2022-2024 period, the fulfilment of which will entail an overall investment of approximately €13 million in the 2022-2024 three-year period.


1. Purchase 100% green energy13. Provide 100% of the employees in Italy and Romania with training each year19. Increasingly include sustainability risks in Enterprise Risk Management27.Carry out restyling/refurbishments in 4 shopping centers with energy improvements32. Define a framework for the issue of sustainability linked financial instruments
2. Double the energy produced from renewable sources 14. Carry out at least 1 employee satisfaction survey in the three-year period and at least 2 "pulse surveys"20. Increase the involvement of the Board of Directors in CSR28. Speak with local entities in order to understand the feasibility of including childcare centers or community healthcare structures inside the shopping centers33. Evaluate whether or not to obtain a solicited ESG rating
3. Reduce energy consumption (location based) of at least -15% (base=2018)15. Promote a "Sustainability Innovation Award"; the winning project will be implemented at a pilot shopping center. 21. Develop a corporate Cybersecurity strategy29. At least 1 social or environmental initiative each year in 100% of the shopping centers34. Organize an Investor/CSR day
4. Assess scope 3 emissions and define first reductions16. Define a goal linked to ESG topics for part of the workforce22. Update internal rules and regulations in order to comply fully with current privacy laws30. Organize a transversal CSR initiative that involves at least 50% of the shopping centers35. Increase the number of events with a specific focus on ESG topics
5. Implement a circular economy project in at least 25% of freehold shopping centers (7)17. Include at least 1 new service in the employees' Corporate Welfare23. Codify a system for the assessment of providers along with the supply chain with a view to sustainability31. Organize initiatives with a focus on easing the digital divide in at least 50% of the shopping centers36. Select "hot topics" in real estate and related to ESG in order to organize theme-based roadshow, increase the effectiveness of cummunication
6. Increase recycling by 15%18. Obtain the Biosafety Trust Certification in 100% of the shopping centers in order to guarantee health control consisten with Covid protocols24. Maintain the highest legality rating possible37. Conduct at 1 survey a year for each shopping center
7. Obtain the Breeam Certification for 9 more assets at 202425.. Maintain the UNI ISO 37001 certification38. Share figures relating to energy consumption with at least 50% of the tenants
8. Evaluate the possibility of being part of at least one energy community26. Update the model 231/01 constantly39. Involve at least 1 non-profit organization each month in 100% pf the shopping centers
9. Introduce systems that make it possible to monitor and reduce consumption inside 23 freehold shopping centers40. Assess whether or not to resume the "Social Borgo" project
10. Develop biodiversity projects in at least 4 shopping centers41. Organize initiatives which bring those offering employment together with those looking for jobs in at least 25% of the shopping centers
11. Introduce charging stations for electric cars in 100% of the Italian assets
12. Develop a transversal project to incentivize cycling mobility in 3 shopping centers

2019-2021 Sustainability Targets

2021 was also the third and last year of the 2019-2021 Strategic Plan. The actions carried out during the year in order to reach the targets, as well as the level of achievement of the targets during the Plan timespan are reported in the 2021 Sustainability Report.


IssueTargetActions carried out in 2021Level of achievement of target in 2019-2021 Plan
Zeroing of CO2 emissions: Italy portfolio Nearly
Zero-energy Building by 2030
Confirmed use of 100% energy from renewable sourcesFully achieved
Obtain BREEAM certification for 80% of the fully-owned malls in Italy by 2030Breeam certification renewed for Le Porte di Napoli and Katanè. Currently 30% of the Italy Malls are Breeam certifiedFully achieved
Continuation of installation of photovoltaic systemsNo new photovoltaic system was installed following the block/deferment of investments
due to the pandemic
Achieved in significant part
Awareness raising aimed at visitors by means if campaigns in the shopping centers and the carrying out fo across-the-board events regarding ESG issuesAwarness raising campaigns carried out on environmental issues as Shopping Center levelAchieved in small part
Obtain for 95% of the freehold malls by the end of 2020Target achieved in 2020Fully achieved
€ 5 mn of investment in the 2019-2021 three-year period to improve energy efficiencyTotal investments equal to approximately 5.8 mn, of which 3.4 mn in 2019, 1.2 mn in 2020 and 1.2 mn in 2021Fully achieved
Installation of LED lighting systems in the entire Italian portfolio by the end of 2022Altogether 19 Shopping Centres are equipped with LED lighting systemsAchieved in significant part
Transition from the experimental phase to the operational one of the Waste2value project and assessment of other projects on issue of circular economyA composter was purchased and the garden was created under the Waste 2 Value project at Centro Nova in BolognaAchieved in significant part
Headquarters to be plastic free by the end of 2020Target achieved in 2020Fully achieved
Definition of individual targets linked to CSRIn 2021 a target linked to CSR was identified for the DirectorsAchieved in significant part
Training: focus on soft skills and on the importance of cross-functional workSoft skill activity aimed at corporate Directors and Managerial staff carried outFully achieved
Advertising of available jobs on the corporate website and on
Job posting was initiated on the corporate website and on
Linkedin in 2020. Altogether the posts recorded 4,163 views in 2021.
Fully achieved
Third internal atmosphere assessmentbecuase of ongoing changes linked to the handling of the pandemic, the internal
atmosphere assessment was postponed and included in the new Sustainability Plan
Not achieved
Corporate welfare: increase in servicesThere was an increase in the services offeredFully achieved
Wellbeing: definition of overall projectBio Safety Certification obtained for 7 Shopping Centers, in addition to the headquartersAchieved in significant part
Continuation of projects regarding the safety of the
Monitoring activities continued with regard to the "dome skylights" project and to anti seismic improvement in one shopping centerAchieved in significant part

Obtain ISO37001: 2016 certification in Italy
in 2020
Certification obtained on 20th April 2020Fully achieved
Legality rating: confirm maximum score
on the occasion of the two-year renewal
Legality Rating renewed with the maximum score (3 stars) in 2020Fully achieved
Adhere to the Global CompactParticipation formalised at the end of 2020Fully achieved
Sustainable enhancement of the portfolio:
carry out restyling activities with improvement
in the environmental impact of 10 more Shopping
Centres by 2030
Restyling work was started in Portogrande in San Benedetto del Tronto (AP) and La Favorita in Mantua shopping centersAchieved in small part
Definition of national campaigns to raise
awareness in the Shopping Centres’ visitors
on issues in line with IGD’s values
Campaigns not carried out dye to the difficulty in organising events in the shopping centers. Individual charity initiatives associated with competitions were held with local associationsAchieved in small part
Innovation: definition of the «digital strategy»The Digital Plan was defined at the definition of the first identified tools was completed. First lead generation targets achievedFully achieved
Listening project regarding the expectations of
millennials in relation to the Shopping Centre of
the future
Listening activity carried out in cooperation with Nomisma, the aim of whicj was to understand the needs and requirements of high school students regarding the pandemic periodAchieved in small part
Tenant engagement on sustainability issuesEngagement activity postponed ultil the 2022-2024 PlanNot achieved
Shopping Centre in the role of civic centre:
cooperation with the local area fostering
involvement and co-planning activities
The «Social Borgo» project (inside Centro Borgo in Bologna) was suspended due to the pandemic, the aim being to implement it as soon as health and safety conditions allow soAchieved in small part