Megatrends driving our strategy

Over the last few years, the pandemic has accelerated a few pre-existing macro-tends which caused a shift in consumer behavior and the approach to shopping.

Moving forward shopping centers will have to adapt to these trends by developing new formats, providing new services and including new brands that come to market.

Quality of life – Focus on “neighborhood” services

In recent years there has been a marked increase in the attention consumers pay to quality of life and psychophysical wellbeing.  This has resulted in both an increase in physical exercise and personal care, as well as the rediscovery of local, neighborhood shops and services.

Shopping centers are changing in order to provide many reasons to visit which, in addition to shopping, include quality restaurants, co-working spaces, sports facilities and medical centers with a view to becoming veritable service hubs for the local community.ù


benessere psicofisico


The extended lockdown periods brought an increasing number of people closer to and more confident with the use of digital tools for both work and shopping; this calls for an omnichannel approach with increased integration of online and offline shopping experiences.

Technology also allows for greater understanding of consumers, which means that dialogue with consumers and making them feel part of what is happening in the shopping center is key, as is effectively targeting personalized message and promotions.


shopping online

Green Revolution – Sustainability as a driver of both consumer and investment decisions

Sustainability has clearly become one of the “hottest” international topics; issues like the transition to cleaner energy, social responsibility and inclusiveness, governance quality and transparency are increasingly becoming a factor in the consumer and investments decisions made by private parties, businesses and institutions.

ESG factors are, therefore, increasingly a driver of our strategy.


green revolution

We have adapted our strategy to these trends, focusing our Business Plan on preparing our assets for future challenges in order to make them even more attractive and ensure longevity.

Consequently, we will work on changing the physical spaces, on renewing the merchandising mix, as well as digitalization, taking steps to develop omnichannelism together with our tenants.  We will also move forward with our commitment to energy efficiency and reducing the overall carbon footprint of our activities.