We have a people-centric culture which fosters growing together while maintaining a solid work-life balance

An inclusive environment,
a place where each person is crucial to the success of the business and is able to fully express her potential.

A welcoming environment,
a place where it is possible to grow professionally, while maintaining work-life balance.

A stimulating environment,
a place where constant interaction with others nurtures talents.

We recognize the contribution made by our people


of the employees assessed by MBO in Italy in 2023

Each person is key to the success of the business.  For this reason  we developed a Management by Objectives (MBO) system, conceived to provide concrete recognition of the results achieved based on individual, team or company-wide  targets, while also providing benefits based on individual roles and needs .


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We support wellbeing and work-life balance


of the company in Italy took advantage of the wellness program in 2023

We believe that wellbeing is key to allowing people to express the best of themselves.  Promoting the wellbeing of our people means putting them in a position to express the best of themselves.  Toward this end, we have adopted a corporate wellness program which aims to meet all the different health, family and cultural needs, as well as foster a real work-life balance including through remote working.


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We promote personal growth and the development of new skills


of the employees in Italy and Romania received training in 2023

We are convinced that it is the talent of our people which allows us to be competitive.  That is why we pay constant attention to the training and refresher courses our people need across the company and promote professional growth and the development of new skills.


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We value diversity and promote inclusion


Equal pay between women and men in Italy in 2023

An inclusive environment lies at the foundation of a sustainable business and is capable of creating value internally and for the local community. That is why we give all our employees the same opportunities, provide support to parents and promote an inclusive workplace where all the talents in IGD are valued.


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We ensure health and safety in all our spaces


certification (protection from the spread of infections caused by biological agents) renewed by all our shopping centers and the Bologna headquarters in 2023

Supporting the wellbeing of our people also means guaranteeing a safe workplace.  That is why we take all the precautions needed to make sure that our people are provided with the best and safest working conditions, at both the Bologna headquarter and in all the shopping centers, consistent with domestic and international rules and regulations.


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