The important issues for IGD and its stakeholders

The material issues were defined by IGD for the first time in 2014. In the following two years these issues were again analysed and confirmed. In 2017 we defined a new materiality matrix, following the principles contained in the GRI Standards. The purpose of this work was to identify the importance of economic, environmental and social impacts of the organisation and their substantial influence on the assessments and decisions of our stakeholders.

The process to identify the material issues and the important ones was developed over four phases, which started from the initial identification of all the possible issues that were significant for IGD emerging from various sources (internal and external) and led to the results being shared with the top management. 17 issues were thus identified, grouped together in five macro-issues, which represent both the sustainability reporting areas and the cornerstones upon which planning is based.

Between 2018 and 2020 the issues were reviewed in order to verify that those identified were up to date and assess the possibility of adding others. Specifically, the analysis produced the following changes:

  • in 2018 the issue “health and safety” was changed to “wellbeing and safety”, in order to better portray the target of wellbeing contained in the 2019-2021 Strategic Plan;
  • in 2019 the issue “trend analysis” was eliminated, as it was considered, to all intents and purposes, to be an operational/work aspect of IGD; the name of the issue “enhancement of the portfolio” was changed to “sustainable enhancement of the portfolio”, in order to highlight the extent to which sustainability is an integral part of IGD operating method;
  • in 2020 the issue “wellbeing and safety” was changed into “wellbeing, health and safety” in order to clearly express our commitment towards these issues which became even more important in a pandemic situation which marked 2020 and which we prompted to identify appropriate and specific actions aimed at guaranteeing the healthfulness of our spaces.

We have thus come to identify the current 12 themes.


The materiality matrix

The materiality matrix below shows the 16 issues (grouped together in five macro-issues), 12 of which are material issues and 4 are important ones; the horizontal axis shows the importance for IGD and the vertical one the impacts for its stakeholders.



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