The important issues for IGD and its stakeholders

The material issues were defined by IGD for the first time in 2014. In the following two years these issues were again analysed and confirmed. In 2017 we defined a new materiality matrix, following the principles contained in the GRI Standards. In 2022 we updated the material issues in line with the new GRI Standards that defines as “material” those issues that reflect the most significant impacts of the organisation on the economy, environment and people.

The process was developed in 4 phases:

  1. We defined the operating context, highlighting our activities and identifying the impacts the these activities have on the economy, environment and people.
  2. We defined the impacts generated by categorizing them as positive or negative, current or potential.
  3. We internally assessed the significance of the impacts in order to determine how beneficial and probable each positive impact was and how serious, wide-spread, irremediable as well as probable the negative ones were.
  4. The impacts were then prioritised and connected to the material issues.

Compared to the materiality analysis carried out in 2021, the new one led to the identification of new issues in relation to environmental sustainability, other have been renamed in order to make the company’s committment to some issues explicit and clear and lastly some issues previously present in section “Attractive” were rationalised.


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