Management of reports – Whistleblowing

The IGD Group is committed to promoting a corporate culture based on ethical behaviour, in compliance with the principles of loyalty, fairness, responsibility and legality and, therefore, rejects and deplores the use of illegitimate or incorrect behavior to achieve its economic objectives.

To ensure the maintenance, observance and respect of these principles and values as well as to increasingly encourage the diffusion of a culture of legality within the Company, organizational and control tools are adopted to prevent the violation of the provisions of the law, of the principles and values expressed in the Code of Ethics, in the compliance programs and in the company procedures in force pro tempore, through constant supervision of their observance and implementation.

These tools, aimed at protecting the interests of all stakeholders, ensure and guarantee correct and transparent management of business activities, understood as an essential tool to make one’s operations more efficient and also guarantee one’s competitiveness on the market.

With this in mind, the IGD Group, on the occasion of the Board of Directors’ meeting of 13 December 2023, adapted its whistleblowing procedure, ensuring confidentiality and guaranteeing the prohibition of retaliation towards the subjects protected by the law, implementing the regulatory provisions in force (Legislative Decree 10 March 2023, n. 24).

Reports can be made using the specific IT platform found at the link:

The reports will be managed exclusively by the members of the Supervisory Body for reports in the 231 area and by the Anti-Corruption Function for reports in the whistleblowing area.

Prohibition of any forms of retaliation

All the organizational units in IGD and its subsidiaries who receive and process the reports guarantee maximum confidentiality, as well as the anonymity of the reporting parties.

All acts of retaliation and any form of discrimination harming the party who, in good faith, reported on the illicit behavior are expressly prohibited.

Those who report on acts in bad faith, or maliciously or negligently, which prove to be groundless will be subject to disciplinary action.