A long term view, in keeping with our roots

Our culture is rooted in the world of cooperative organizations and we continue to be inspired by the idea of a sustainable, balanced business model focused on the long term. We purchase, develop and manage properties in order to enhance their value over time.

Over the last few years we have reinforced and fine-tuned the work done on sustainability:

  • sustainability was included in the Business Plan 2015-2018 as one of the four cornerstones that are strategic to our business;
  • in the Strategic Plan 2019-2021 sustainability was considered key to every aspect of the planning process;
  • in 2022 we conducted a new materiality analysis (the first one was in 2014), identifying the material themes on which our sustainability strategy is based.


  Economic and financial sustainability

Financial solidity is one of our group’s characteristics.

  • We are committed to stregthen our financial structure through a financial strategy in line with an investment grade profile.
  • Currently we received one “investment grade” rating from Fitch Ratings.
  • Keeping the Loan to Value in a range between 40% and 43% is key to our financial strategy.
  • Since our listing in 2005, we made shareholder remuneration a priority, distributing dividends to them, with only two exceptions in 2021 and 2024¹, due to particularly burdensome contingent circumstances, such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nevertheless, our commitment to providing a sustainable dividend remains valid, especially in light of the SIIQ regulations under which we are obligated to distribute dividends under certain conditions.

¹ Proposal from the Board of Directors that will need to be approved by the Shareholders’ Meeting scheduled for April 18, 2024.



Social responsibility

We intend to be an active part of the communities in which we are present. This is also why our shopping centers are “Spaces to be lived in”: we are committed to meeting the needs of the local community, developing employment, providing services, striving to find ways to bring people together and respond to future needs.  We promote and organize a number of commercial, recreational-sporting events, as well as regional and socially minded initiatives.

We have established a dialogue with our stakeholders: periodically we organize surveys in order to understand the level of satisfaction and expectations of our consumers, retailers, and employees.



 Environmental impact

The IGD Group aims to improve its environmental performance by, more specifically, reducing the consumption and minimizing the environmental impact of our structures including as a result of restyling. Beginning in March 2013 we began working on the UNI EN ISO 14001 certification of our shopping centers: today, 24 of our shopping centers are certified representing 95% of our portfolio.

Sustainable properties cost less to run and are more attractive to customers and retailers

We are aware that the environmental impact mainly comes from the activities carried out inside a shopping center, and therefore we strive to increase our customers’ and, above all, retailers’ awareness of these topics.