A balanced and diversified real estate portfolio worth €1.97 billion

We are the largest listed Italian group in the retail real estate sector, with a portfolio valued at €1.97 billion, around 93.8% of which is in Italy at 31 December 2023.

We purchase, develop, manage and enhance our properties – primarly shopping malls and hypermarket – with a view to the long term in order to maintain the value of our assets over time.

Key figures (as at 31 December 2023)

total contracts in Italy and Romania
occupancy in Italy
occupancy in romania

A well balanced geographical presence

  • In Italy: our portfolio is focused on retail assets, like shopping malls and hypermarkets, and is evenly distributed geographically in order to better respond to the specific demand and unique characteristics of the Italian population which is distributed throughout many midsize cities. Our shopping centers are “nearby”, located near urban centers and typically midsize, though there are 9 larger, key assts. The presence of the Coop food anchor, a brand with deep regional roots, next to the mall gives us a competitive advantage as it enables us to gain customer loyalty and attract traffic all week long. These characteristics help many of our shopping centers to be well positioned in their areas where they are the dominant or go-to centers.
  • In Romania: we have owned Winmarkt, the country’s largest chain of department stores, since 2008. All the Romanian assets are strategically located in the heart of cities, mainly on the central “piazzas” which provides excellent visibility and accessibility.


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Responding to visitors’ need effectively

Our commercial policies aim to respond to and anticipate changes in consumer trends and lifestyles in order to always find better ways to meet the needs of consumers and retailers.

Restyling and extensions of shopping centers, rethinking of interiors, allow us to interpret these new trends as effectively as possible, as well as consistently find the most attractive and innovative brands and maintain our assets. We are increasingly developing food courts, which are not just eateries, but also places to meet and have fun, as well as personal services, from fitness centers to dental studios. We simplify the daily lives of consumers who shop online by installing lockers where you can pick-up products ordered online.

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The concept of “Spaces to be lived in”

Our shopping centers are not just places for shopping, but they are veritable “Spaces to be lived in”, which also have an important social role.

We are, in fact, dedicated to:

  • providing innovative ways to improve the visitors’ experience and provide them with maximum comfort;
  • promoting and organizing commercial, recreational-sporting events, as well as regional and socially minded initiatives;
  • meeting the needs of the local community: employment, services, meeting places, now and in the future.