The health and safety of our people is a priority


hours of safety training in 2022

We are committed to promoting the wellbeing of all our people.  We also adopt all the measures needed to work in healthy conditions, as well as comply with applicable rules and regulations.

Even when planning and building our shopping centers we guarantee compliance with the most stringent safety standards in order to protect both shoppers and retailers.  We have also undertaken to voluntarily ensure that all our spaces are increasingly safe and livable, through restructuring and improvements, including better earthquake proofing in all the buildings.

We adopted a Work Safety Management System in accordance with Article 30 of the Uniform Safety Act 81/2008.  This system provides guidelines for the assessment and management of risks associated with health, accidents, as well as organizational and safety aspects of the workplace which are then monitored by the employer in the relative risk assessments.

Workers are made aware of these risks through specific training which addresses the risks to which they are specifically exposed based on their duties, possible damages and the preventive and protective measures adopted specific to the division or department that the employee belongs to.  This training is provided as of the employee’s start date and periodically subsequently,  as defined in Art. 37 of the Uniform Safety Act T.U. and the state/regional agreements.

Every three years we also assess Work-Related Stress Risk, by submitting a questionnaire on the work environment and the work itself to a number of employees broken down into similar groups. Based on the 2020 survey, IGD is in the “green band” as there were no specific organizational aspects that could be identified as a source of work-related stress. Periodic monitoring and controls of the red flags defined in the risk assessments was begun. The next assessment will take place in 2023.

We pay great attention to protecting the health of our people.  That is why we established a health surveillance procedure which provides for medical checkups of the video terminal operators, before being hired and, subsequently, on a regular basis as defined in Art 173 of Legislative Decree 81/2008.


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Biosafety Trust Certification: recognition of a real commitment to protecting our people

In 2022 we obtained Biosafety Trust Certification for the Bologna headquarters and our entire portfolio of shopping centers.  Developed by the accrediting body RINA , this certification represents the first management model introduced on the market which aims to prevent and minimize the spread of health infections in people caused by biological agents.

We are proud to be one of the first companies in the retail world to have obtained this specific certification which validates all the measures implemented at our structures to promote health and safety, as well as prevent the risk of contagion from biological agents  (specifically Covid-19).


Gianluca Martora, IGD’s Head of Asset Management and strategic HSE


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