We provide people with the opportunity to challenge themselves as part of a dynamic and innovative environment, based on trust and transparency

We are the only Italian listed company active in the retail real estate sector, a sector that is constantly evolving and of great interest to Italian and international investors.

We are able to respond proactively to changes in our sector and in the operating context of our shopping centers thanks to the different competencies of our team.

key data 2023

€ mn invested in energy efficiency
reduction in CO2 emissions per mq 2023 vs 2018
new brands introduced
events held in Italian shopping malls
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We give life to sustainable spaces

We work to promote long-term sustainable environmental, economic and social growth for both the community and the local area. Our work, in fact, consists in the purchase, development and management of our shopping centers while reducing their impact on the local area and ensuring that they provide real meeting places and chances to socialize.


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We change as the context changes

Paying constant attention to innovation and dynamism: these are the characteristics that distinguish us in both property management and with respect to our team.  We work to understand changes in consumer trends and lifestyles in order to respond proactively to contextual needs and shoppers’ expectations.


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We develop transversal competencies

We are a team of people with diversified, transversal roles and competencies which allow us to have a positive approach to every aspect of a unique and stimulating business: from the planning stages, to asset and financial management, from marketing to investor relations, from aspects of environmental sustainability to human resources management.


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