Our centers are places and stages for a multitude of events

The events are an integral part of our philosophy. This is where the social role of the shopping center, which we summarize in our payoff “Spaces to be lived in” comes from: events represent the most important moment for social gatherings within the shopping centers.

Therefore, each day we work to organize free events of different types which focus on commercial aspects, as well as recreational/sporting, socially minded and regional initiatives.

The calculation of the best mix of events is contained in the Marketing Plan which provides each shopping center with the corporate guidelines that have been adapted to reflect the needs and necessities specific to each region and competitive environment.

For IGD marketing also means successfully combining commercial and social contexts in its centers

However, during 2020 and in the first months of 2021, the limitations imposed by the pandemic have strongly impacted this aspect of our business. The Marketing strategy has been modified on the basis of the constant changes related to the evolution and spread of the pandemic with the aim of maintaining contact with the community of reference of each shopping center and offering it commercial benefits through digital channels.

Starting from the second half of 2021, after the emergency phase, we have witnessed the request for greater social interaction and experience from visitors, and in 2022 the number of events organized in our shopping centers went back to the pre-covid level; on average 23 events were organized in each shopping center, for a total of 531 events.

The main target was to gradually get visitors re-used to participating in face-to-face events, and take into account three main guidelines:

  • EXPERIENCE: development of actions in cooperation with the Mall tenants in order to offer the visitors experiential moments so that they feel even more personally involved in activities carried out in the structures (purchases, events etc.);
  • OMNICHANNEL: Increase in drive to store activities, with events and actions that enable the visitor to experience the Shopping Centre on and off line, using the opportunities offered by the tools provided in our Digital Plan (reserved area on websites, influencer marketing program);
  • LOYALTY: a commercial initiative to reward the visitors’ loyalty and to encourage them to return.

Health Island: together for sustainable nutrition

A few of IGD’s Italian shopping centers are hosting Health Island, a positioning project which highlights important aspects of our health to benefit of the shopping center customers who will be offered a free and targeted service relating to a very important aspect of health: nutrition. Inside the shopping centers listed below, there will be […]

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