Our dividend policy

Aware of its SIIQ status, IGD is committed to providing its shareholders with attractive and sustainable returns also by considering our FFO (Funds from Operations) as it is one of the main indicators used to measure the performance of companies (it indicates the income generated by the Group’s core business and recurring operations).


Dividend 2018

The Annual General Meeting, that toke place on 10 April 2019, resolved to pay a dividend of  0.50 euro per share. The dividend paid in 2019 was in line with the one paid in 2018. The total paid as dividends, €55.2 million, came to 69.3% of the FFO for the year, which was consistent with the dividend policy outlined in IGD’s 2019-2021 Strategic Plan.

Shares went ex-div on 13 May 2019 and the dividend was payable as from 15 May 2019. The shareholders of IGD at the record date (14 May 2019) were entitled to receive the dividend.

Dividend per share evolution (in €)

Dividends for the year 2014, 2015 and 2016 have been recalculated in order to take into account the reverse stock split occurred in February 2018.

Dividend Yield

The dividend yield, or price/dividend ratio, is the annual dividend payments made (or announced) divided by the shares’ closing price at the end of the year. The ratio is used to calculate the yield, but does not take into account the stock’s market performance.

IGD has provided its shareholders with the following dividend yield since 2014.

DIVIDEND YIELD evolution (%)

Dividends in the history of IGD

Rewarding its shareholders has been a priority for IGD since its IPO in 2005.

Dividend highlights are provided below.

Shares outstanding at 31/12110,341,90381,304,563*813,045,631813,045,631756,356,289348,001,715330,025,283330,025,283
Treasury shares at 31/1275,126000010,976,59210,976,59210,976,592
Official closing price at 31/12 (€)5.3828.9620.7240.8870.6450.8650.8200.724
Par value (€)nonenonenonenonenonenonenone0
Market capitalization at 31/12 (€)593,860,100728,488,884588,645,037720,764,952487,849,806301,021,483270,620,732238,791,972
Dividend per share (€)0.500.50**0.0450.0400.03750.0650.0700.080
Dividend yield (%)9.295.586.
Ex-div date coupon13/05/201911/06/201822/05/201723/05/201618/05/201519/05/201420/05/201321/05/2012
Payment date15/05/201913/06/201824/05/201725/05/201620/05/201522/05/201423/05/201324/05/2012

*The number of shares take into account the reverse stock split occurred in February 2018.

** All the shares deriving from the share capital increase completed on 23 April 2018 are also entitled to dividend. Therefore the total number of shares entitled to dividend for year 2017 is 110,341,903.


2010-2018 historical dividends (11 KB – xlsx)