Why is IGD Green?

The shopping centres, by their very nature, have an impact on the environment, due to the large amount of energy they consume and to the road traffic they can create. For these reasons we are committed to operating in such a way as to reduce these impacts, by identifying actions that are increasingly effective both during the construction/restyling phase of the centres and in the management of the structures themselves. For us a “Green” Shopping Centre is green through and through. It is a concept that regards several aspects (ecoefficiency, waste sorting, materials), it concerns both the interior and exterior of the Malls, both the structural parts and how they are managed.

Every day we are committed to making our Shopping Centres «greener and greener», by innovating and modernising all the parts of the buildings. In doing so, it is our intention to reach our
sustainability targets as rapidly as possible.

Roberto Zoia
Director of Development, Asset and Network Management

 Material issues

  • Road to zero emissions
  • Zero waste
  • Accessibility and sustainable mobility



UP TO 2024:

  • 100% green energy purchased
  • Double the energy produced from renewable sources
  • 15% reduction in energy consumption Location based (baseline 2018)
  • Obtain the BREEAM certification for 9 more assets
  • Biodiversity projects in 4 shopping centers
  • 100% Italian portofolio with EV charging stations


UP TO 2030:

  • 100% of Italian Shopping Centers with zero carbon emissions (scope 1 and 2)
  • Reduction in indirect emissions (scope 3)
  • 100% of assets in Italy BREEAM certified
  • Zero wastage
  • At least 1 asset carbon positive


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Highlights as at 31 December 2022

€3 mn
invested to improve energy efficiency
energy consumption 2022 vs 2021
assets BREEAM IN USE certified (+2 in 2022)
Electricity comes from renewable sources (Italy)

Road to zero emissions and zero waste

Emissions and waste are material issues for IGD because the object of our business, shopping centers, are buildings that have an important impact on the environment around them. In 2022 the Group invested 3 million euros, between Italy and Romania, in environmental impact activities, of which approximately 70% to improve energy efficiency and resilience to climate change, and to mitigate the pollution caused by the buildings.

More in detail IGD works on 6 aspects to improve the energy performance of its portfolio and to mitigate its environmental impact: photovoltaic, led technology lighting, 100% energy from renewable sources, management and environmental certifications (UNI EN ISO 14001 and BREEAM), energy efficiency improvement measures.

The process of restyling and remodelling of our structures by following a sustainable enhancement approach, make the Shopping Centres even more resilient thanks also to structural work and management actions aimed at reducing their environmental impact. For this reason, IGD currently has a rather young property portfolio, with an average age of 10 years, equipped with highperformance systems in upgraded structures.

Another way in which IGD exerts leverage to fight climate change is by means of structured awareness raising activities aimed at visitors, suppliers and tenants, in addition to structural actions:


  • Visitors are informed through the digital totems inside the shopping centers or through posts on the social pages of the centers;
  • We have activated the involvement of our suppliers to improve the environmental performance of individual shopping centers;
  • Tenants were also made aware of the sustainable management of their stores.


  • Total energy consumption

In 2022, thanks to the significant energy improvement actions carried out on the assets (both structural and management), energy consumption (which includes electricity consumption, district heating and cooling and fuels) in Italy recorded a decrease with respect to 2021, 2020 and 2019; the energy consumption of the Romanian shopping centers also decreased compared to 2021 and 2019, but slightly increased compared to 2020.


Energy consumption Unit of measure 2022 2021 2020 2019 Difference 2022/2021 Difference 2022/2020 Difference 2022/2019
Italy – Abs kwh 62,105,254 67,032,950 62,534,030 71,414,605 -7.4% -0.7% -13.0%
Italy – Lfl kwh 60,179,718 65,436,542 61,283,386 54,492,749 -8.0% -1.8% 10.4%
Romania kwh 20,436,935 20,551,033 20,047,343 23,962,132 -0.6% +1.9% -14.7%
Headquarters Office kwh 479,635 430,612 367,172 454,333 11.4% 30.6% 5.6%
  • Energy intensity in Italy since 2013

The decrease in the IGD portfolio energy intensity over the years bears witness to the Group’s commitment to carry out investments aimed at improving the energy efficiency of its structures. The 2022 figure shows a decrease compared to 2021, but it is in line with 2020.

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Scope 1 and 2

The reduction in energy consumption means lower CO2 emissions in the atmosphere: in 2022 in Italy greenhouse gas emissions decreased by 10% compared to 2021.

There was also a considerable reduction in the greenhouse gas emissions intensity compared to 2021, confirmation of IGD’s commitment to tackle climate change

GHG Emissions (Ton Co2e) 2022 2021 Difference 2022/2021
Italy total GHG emissions – Abs 13,913 15,433 -9.8%
Italy total GHG emissions – Lfl 13,449 15,037 -10.6%
Romania total GHG emissions 5,187 5,017 3.4%
Headquarters – Total GHG emissions 98 90 8.8%
IGD Group  total GHG emissions – Abs 19,198 20,540 -6.5%
IGD Group  total GHG emissions – Lfl 18,734 20,143 -7.0%
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Scope 3

We report on 10 out of the 15 categories defined by the GHG Protocol standard, the 5 categories that are not reported were considered as being not important or not applicable. The emissions regarding the categories identified represent altogether 85% of corporate emissions when emissions are calculated using the market based system and 76% when they are calculated using the location based method.

Compared to 2021, the first year in which reporting on Scope 3 took place, the numbers highlighted an overall reduction in emissions.


GHG Emissions (Ton Co2e) 2022 2021 Difference 2022/2021
Italy indirect emissions (Scope 3) – Location based 54,105 59,274 -8.7%
Romania indirect emissions (Scope 3) – Location 7,097 7,187 -1.3%
IGD total Indirect GHG Emissions (Scope 3) – Location based 61,102 66,461 -7.9%
Italy indirect emissions (Scope 3) – Market based 50,620 55,631 -9.0%
Romania indirect emissions (Scope 3) – Market based 7,535 7,649 -1.5%
IGD total Indirect GHG Emissions (Scope 3) – Market based 58,155 63,280 -8.1%


The elements with greater impact in IGD’s Scope 3 calculation are those related to retailers and to the supply chain. More specifically, retailers consumption weights 59% on the total Scope 3 emissions (showing a decrease compared to 65% in 2021). IGD included in its 2022-2024 Business Plan the aim to increase cooperation with its tenants in order to reach the target regarding the reduction in the overall environmental impact of its Shopping Centers.

The overall calculation of Scope 1,2 and 3 emissions enabled IGD to launch the process in 2022 aimed at defining quantitative enviromental impact reduction targets which are Science-based.


Environmental data 2019-2022 (15 KB – xlsx)

Accessibility and sustainable mobility

We are committed to developing both the ease of access for vehicular traffic around a shopping center and the new trends for sustainable mobility; to do this we work on continuously expanding the range of services offered by our structures, mainly focusing on:



  • Altogether there are 74 EV charging stations installed in 21 IGD Shopping Centers, corresponding to 80% of the portfolio. In 2022, Ionity EC charging stations were installed in Conè (TV) and Tesla EV charging stations in Porte di Napoli (NA) and in Centro Luna (SP), inaugurated at the beginning of 2023. Compared to 2021, the kwh distributed doubled in amount, due both to the lifting of restrictions regarding the movement of people and to the increase in circulation of hybrid or fully electric cars.




  • Over half the Shopping Centres can be reached by cycle path; in 2021 a new cycle path to reach Clodì Retail Park from the centre of Chioggia (Venice) has been inaugurated
  • 17 of our shopping centers are equipped with charging systems for e-bikes inside the mall;



  • More than 80% of our shopping centers has a public transport stop no more than 200 meters from the entrance.
  • In 2021 a new bus stop war created near Katanè Shopping Centres.