The Committees within the IGD’s Board of Directors

IGD’s Board of Directors, in full compliance with the recommendations set out in the Corporate Governance Code of listed companies promoted by Borsa Italiana, established the following committees within the Board itself:

  • Nominations and Compensation Committee
  • Control and Risk Committee
  • Committee for Related Party Transaction

The Board of Directors appoints the members of the various Committees, with a term of office  corresponding to that of the Board of Directors, that is three years. Each Committee is made up of three members, all of whom are independent.

The members of the committees were appointed by IGD’s Board of Directors on 18 April 2024, following the renewal of the Board itself by the Annual Gneral Meeting held on the same day.

The Board of Directors met on 18 April 2024 instituted a new, non-executive Strategic Committee. This committee, which was also assigned the functions currently carried out by the Sustainability Committee, will advise on the definition of possible strategic guidelines for the management of the Company, including with a view to defining a new business plan.

2023 Number of meetings and rate of attendance at the meetings

Number od meetingsRate of attedance at the meetings (%)Presence of Independent members (%)
Nomination and Compensation Committee4100100
Control and Risk Committee795100
Committee for Related Party Transactions--100