An integrated approach which takes into account its stakeholders’ needs

As far back as 2010, we decided to embark on a structured sustainability process. We are convinced that adopting sustainability criteria is the only way in which to pursue long-lasting growth in the retail real estate sector and we are aware that social and environmental responsibility has become an increasingly important requisite with our stakeholders.

IGD’s sustainability strategy has been an integral part of corporate business planning since the 2014-20016 Business Plan. With the new 2022-2024 Business Plan, approved by the Board of Directors on 14th December 2021, sustainability planning has been included in the operational fields of activities.

As of 2017 IGD’s sustainability strategy is summarized in «Becoming G.r.e.a.t.», which testifies to the company’s commitment to sustainable growth which focuses on environmental issues (Green), on people (Responsible), on being ethical (Ethical), in attractive places (Attractive), together with its stakeholders (Together).

The strategy is made up of three elements which make it effectively operational:

  • the material issues;
  • the sustainability targets;
  • the risks and related policies/actions