The importance of the Code of conduct in our daily activities

IGD’s Code of conduct was approved by the Board of Directors on 23 March 2006 and over the following years it was modified subsequent to changes in legislation. The last update was in 2010.

The Code of conduct groups together and defines the values and the principles that inspire and shape IGD’s conduct in its relations with its stakeholders.


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Abiding by the Code of conduct is of fundamental importance for the proper functioning, reliability and reputation of IGD.

The principles and the provisions of the Code are binding for the Directors, in the same way as they are for the Employees, as the Code is included in the employment contract signed at the time of hiring,  as well as for all those that collaborate with IGD as all its suppliers are required to endorse the Code in their tenders and mandates. All those that work in IGD, with no distinctions or exceptions, are committed to complying and to ensuring compliance with these principles when carrying out their duties.

The Code of conduct applies to all the companies within IGD Group in Italy and abroad (Romania) and, therefore, it is binding with regard to the conduct of all the Employees of the Group, despite the cultural, social and economic differences in the various countries in which the Group operates.

Under no circumstances can the belief of acting to the advantage of IGD justify conduct that is contrary to these principles, to the ethical rules or to the procedures that govern all corporate activities.

Anyone that learns about breaches of the principles of the Code itself and/or of the operating procedures which make up the Organizational Model, has the opportunity to notify the Compliance Committee throught the Whistleblowing notification system.