The importance of the Code of conduct in our daily activities

The Code of Conduct is key to defining IGD’s corporate identity and is also instrumental to Corporate Social Responsibility. The document groups together the values and the principles that inspire and shape IGD’s conduct in its relations with its stakeholders.

The Code of Conduct was introduced in IGD in 2006, after the listing on the Stock Exchange, and over the following years it was modified according to the evolution of the corporate and regulatory context. The Board of Directors held on 5 November 2020, approved a new version of the Code; the need for this version arose as a result of both the adoption of new internal policies and procedures by the Company (anti-bribery, privacy, whistleblowing, corporate welfare, etc.) and the need to comply with external laws and regulations.

Moreover the Code contains the new version of the Charter of Values, which shapes corporate conduct, and the revised rules of conduct, broken down in “general” and “for stakeholders” in order to clarify the “pact” that connects IGD with its stakeholders.


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Abiding by the Code of conduct is of fundamental importance for the proper functioning, reliability and reputation of IGD.

The Code of Conduct is applied to the IGD Group, namely all the companies found in Italy and abroad and, therefore, is binding for all Gruppo IGD staff members, while taking into account the cultural, social and economic diversity in the Group’s different countries of operation.

More in detail, the principles and provisions of the Code are binding for all Gruppo IGD employees (employees, managers, directors), as well as for all those who collaborate with Gruppo IGD, even on a temporary basis, regardless of the position held (staff members, consultants, professionals), jointly referred to as the “Addressees”.

The Addressees must not commit violations of this Code and, as well as third parties, must provide the information concerning any actions/events which result in a possible violation of the Code to the Supervisory Board through the whistleblowing notification system.

In November 2020 the IGD population was adequately trained on the innovations introduced in the new Code of Conduct.