12 July 2005 14:45

Change in the 2005 corporate events calendar

IGD S.p.A., a company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange which operates in the real estate sector of large-scale retail, consistently with the CONSOB (Italian securities & exchange commission) resolution n. 14490 dated April, 14th 2005, informs that the Board of Directors’ meeting for approval of First Semester 2005 results has been postponed to September 28th 2005 from the date of September 8th previously established in the corporate events calendar.

Furthermore, on June 23rd 2005 the Board of Directors of IGD S.p.A. resolved to file for admission on the Star segment of Borsa Italiana (Star segment is the segment of the Electronic Equity Market (MTA) dedicated to mid and small cap companies that commit to satisfying higher information, corporate governance and liquidity requirements).