A team of expert managers that has been working to increase the value of IGD for years

The IGD Group is managed by a Board of Directors chaired by Elio Gasperoni, along with the Chief Executive Officer Claudio Albertini. Control and Risk Management report to the Chairman, while those with managerial roles report to the Chief Executive Officer. Operations are entrusted to a group of managers, with diverse and complementary skills, that can count on the professionalism and motivation of its people.


“Over time IGD’s management has established an undisputed track record, delivering on the commitments made which also gives credibility  to the ability to reach the next targets.”

Elio Gasperoni, Chairman of IGD
Newsletter 10 May 2017


Organisational structure of Top Management

Our management team, broken down by area of expertise, is shown in the chart below. Click on the boxes of the organizational chart to discover the career path of each professional.