20 July 2010 17:11

Winmarkt brings Carrefour in Alexandria

IGD  – Immobiliare Grande Distribuzione SIIQ S.p.A., a company active in the retail real estate sector and listed on the Star segment of the Italian Stock Exchange, announces that Winmarkt  shopping centers network (IGD Group) will bring in Alexandria a Carrefour supermarket, following the signing of a rental contract between the 2 companies. This contract is a continuation of the partnership between Winmarkt and Carrefour, started in 2009, through which Carrefour assured its presence, so far, in 4 of Winmarkt shopping centers. (Bistrita – August 2009, Ploiesti– December 2009, Alexandria– July 2010 and Cluj-Napoca– September 2010).

The new Carrefour Market will be located at the ground floor of Winmarkt Crinul Nou shopping center, downtown Alexandria City, and it will have a total surface of 680 sq m., of which 530 sq m. selling area. In order to make room for the new retailer, Winmarkt changed the entire layout of the ground floor of the shopping center, making a series of tenants’ relocation. Around Carrefour Market there will be a small commercial gallery, formed by already existent tenants, which will lay on around 260 sqm. This gallery will cover domains such as mobile telephony (Avenir – dealer Cosmote, Arsis – dealer Vodafone), pharmacy (Dona), jewelries and gifts. Carrefour Market will open at the end of July.

This year Carrefour will also open a supermarket inCluj-Napoca, inside Winmarkt Somes shopping center.

“The time of Carrefour Market opening coincide with the completion of the first phase of Winmarkt commercial strategy, which main objective was the diversification of our offer, through the implementation of a new category: food anchors. During 2009 we succeeded to consolidate the portfolio structure and to sustain the real estate value, in a serious crisis period. In the next period will start an investment plan for modernization of some shopping center from Winmarkt portfolio, for which it was budget 5.5 millions Euros, until the end of 2012. Simultaneously, the second phase of the commercial strategy will be activated, which consists in attracting new international brands in our downtown located shopping centers.” – said Marius Ionescu, Marketing Manager,Winmarkt.

Acquired in April 2008 by the Italian company IGD (Immobiliare Grande Distribuzione), Winmarkt is the largest and most widespread network of shopping centers in Romania. Created in 2001, Winmarkt owns and manages 15 shopping centers and an office building, strategically located in the center of 13 cities. IGD is a listed company on the Italian Stock Exchange, one of the most active players on the Italian real estate market, with a portfolio value of €1.72 billion, according to the last evaluation made at the end of 2009.