19 November 2019 11:30

Retail news of the first nine months of 2019

Notorious Cinemas – The Experience: a new pearl is added to Centro Sarca’s retail offering 

Thanks to the steps taken directly by IGD, who was strongly committed to the requalification of the multiplex cinema in Milan’s CentroSarca, on 19 September the doors of the “Notorious Cinemas – The experience” were opened. A space covering more than 5 thousand square meters with 10 cinemas and various lounge areas.

The format possesses two key characteristics: innovative, as well as sustainable.

The new entertainment experience provided by the multiplex leverages, in fact, on the use of advanced audio-video standards; one of the cinemas is also equipped with IMAX technology, an advanced digital system which reproduces sound with great clarity and depth. Ticketing is completely automated and computerized.

IGD also wanted to give a sustainable footprint to this new entertainment concept, choosing materials with a low environmental impact, consistent with the entire property: CentroSarca is ISO 14001 and BREEAM-In-Use certified. As for Food & Beverages, the new multiplex also features a vast range of healthy, high quality products with eco-friendly packaging.



The restyling work has been completed and Centro Casilino in Rome new provides a completely transformed shopping and leisure time experience

The work that took nearly one year – as well as an investment by IGD of €3.7 million – made it possible to radically rethink the role of the Casilno shopping center found in Rome along the historic via Casilina. The property, part of IGD’s portfolio since 2002 and, therefore, conceived originally to meet basic grocery shopping needs, was transformed into a place that provides a real shopping and leisure time experience.

The architectural design reflects its location and recalls Ancient Rome, while the choice of materials and systems reflects the new eco sustainable awareness.

The shopping center, therefore, underwent a total rebranding. As is typical of IGD’s way of doing things, namely paying careful attention to enhancing local resources, the new logo was developed with the support of students from a graphic design institute in Rome.

A lot of effort was also put into developing a compelling retail offering, which combines international brands with top notch domestic and local retailers.

During the three day celebration of the totally transformed center, held from the 25th to the 27th of October, an 11.4% increase in footfalls was recorded which confirms the interest in and appeal of the new format, but also bodes well for the future of the retailers’ sales.



The success of “Il Grande Concorso”, launched in 25 shopping centers, marks a pivot in IGD’s way of doing marketing

For three weeks, between the 9th and 29th of September, a new wide-ranging initiative was held in 25 of IGD’s shopping centers throughout Italy. The response received confirms the validity of the choice to move forward with one big event that embraced the entire Italian network: around 100 thousand people who made purchases of more than 10 euros, in fact, participated in the sweepstakes for a total of around 900 thousand tickets l.

The “Grande Concorso”, a project developed solely by IGD Siiq, could count on around €480 thousand in prizes thanks also to the collaboration of important retail brands. In addition to the prizes of the big brands, it was also possible to win gift certificates, cruises and a jeep.

“Having a single, coordinated initiative made it possible to achieve interesting numbers, satisfy visitors, as well as the mall retailers– stated Francesco Soldi, IGD’s marketing director. “The path undertaken will continue, with another edition of the initiative to be held between 13 – 17 January 2020.”