7 September 2022 14:43

IGD received the EPRA Gold awards for its 2021 consolidated annual report and sustainability report

IGD is proud to announce to have received today two important international awards from EPRA (European Public Real Estate Association) for the level of compliance with the EPRA Best Practices Recommendations, which represent the highest European standards for transparency, comparability and reporting of key business performance indicators.

The EPRA guidelines and recommendations focus on transparency and on improving the comparability across the reports of different companies operating in Europe relating to financial and non-financial reporting.


For the fifth year in a row IGD received the “EPRA BPR Gold Award” (Best Practice Recommendations) for its 2021 Consolidated Annual Report and for the eighth consecutive year the “EPRA sBPR Gold Award” (sustainability Best Practice Recommendations), for the 2021 Sustainability Report.


For more information please visit EPRA website.