27 October 2022 17:08

IGD organizes three Open Days at Porta a Mare’s Officine Storiche in Livorno

IGD SIIQ organizes three Open Days (27, 29 and 30 October) at the Officine Storiche section of Porta a Mare in Livorno, the multi-use waterfront in the city’s old port that is part of an urban renewal project being promoted by the Company.

The first of the Open Days marked the official opening during which IGD SIIQ’s Chief Executive Officer Claudio Albertini, the Chair Rossella Saoncella and the Director of Asset Management, Development and Network Management Roberto Zoia accompanied the mayor of Livorno Luca Salvetti and the members of the town council on a tour of the Officine Storiche construction site in order to understand the status of the work underway and the next steps in the requalification project.  The site will be open to the general public, upon registration, on the 29th and 30th of October.

Officine Storiche embodies an innovative concept, deeply rooted in the local area, which has something for the entire target audience thanks to which IGD, through the wholly-owned subsidiary Porta Medicea Srl, will transform Porta a Mare into a new destination in Livorno with spaces dedicated to entertainment and leisure, as well as shopping with high profile domestic and international brands.

The work on Officine Storiche, which was begun in 2019 and suspended in 2020 due to the pandemic, resumed at full capacity in 2021. The new section will be inaugurated in the first half of 2023. It will comprise 42 apartments (70% of which have already been sold) and a retail area – for which pre-letting is being finalized – which covers a GLA of 16,200 square meters, with 5 medium sized stores, 21 shops and a 4,700 square meter fitness center.

When planning the work, IGD SIIQ paid great attention to limiting energy consumption and the use of renewable energy: both the residential and retail complexes are completely environmentally friendly and geared for maximum energy efficiency as they were designed based on the most advanced Class A criteria, with individual centralized heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems powered largely by geothermal energy from the sea. The shared residential and commercial utilities will be fueled by solar energy.

With the Mazzini section and Palazzo Orlando completed some time ago and Officine Storiche nearing completion, Porta a Mare’s urban transformation plan will continue with the development of the other sections; Lips, Molo Mediceo and Arsenale. In partnership and agreement with the Municipal Administration, we will focus on a renewal project that is more consistent with market needs and the great changes of our time in a key, mixed use area with residences, offices, retail businesses, accommodations and tourist services, blended effectively with the city’s old quarters and the marina.