11 April 2022 12:22

IGD entrusts the marketing of its 31 Shopping Centers to the most important Italian agencies, with a view to omnichannelism


IGD SIIQ, consistent with the objectives in the 2022-2024 Business Plan “Mission Possible”, has selected the marketing agencies that will provide strategic and creative consulting for the Group’s Italian shopping centers for the next twelve months.

In order to adapt and diversify its offering based on the single catchment areas and ensure that its structures are increasingly more a part of the region in which they operate, for the first time this year IGD is adopting an omnichannel approach, selecting an agency for each shopping center which will look at both online and offline aspects when managing content and digital tools with a view to their gradual integration.

In February IGD launched the tender for the agencies on a total of 31 shopping centers, both freehold and leasehold properties.

The tender involved the most important marketing agencies in the shopping center sector. Their work was analyzed carefully by Gruppo IGD’s management.

“We asked the agencies to develop specific strategic and operational solutions for each shopping center. We are convinced that each structure has its own story, positioning and potential ”, Roberto Zoia, Gruppo IGD’s Director of Asset Management, Development and Network Management stated. “For this reason we appreciated the quality of the proposals we received which provided us with ideas and specific proposals based on a solid analysis of the context in question. The path we are undertaking now is important for our shopping centers; embarking on it with partners we know are trustworthy and proactive gives us hope for the activities that will see us as protagonists in the future”.

“We are satisfied with the selection process that we completed”, Laura Poggi, Gruppo IGD’s Director of Commercial Department, Marketing and CSR affirmed. “It allowed us to open ourselves up to the outside and gather stimulating feedback that is very important to our work, especially in this post-pandemic relaunch phase. In the last year we have equipped ourselves with a Digital Plan full of new instruments that will increase the loyalty of our shoppers, with a view to even greater personalization. The challenge that we now face, together with the agencies we selected, is to use the instruments we have as effectively as possible and to make our malls even more attractive ”.


The names of the agencies selected by IGD are listed below:

  • Centroluna, Sarzana(SP): Jets
  • Mondovicino, Mondovì(CN): Spada Media Group
  • CentroSarca, Milan: Canali & Partners
  • GranRondò, Crema(CR): NetworkPropaganda
  • La Favorita, Mantua: Jets
  • Millenium, Rovereto(TN): Itinerys
  • Clodì, Chioggia(VE): Jets
  • CentroPiave, San Donà di Piave(VE): Jets
  • Conè, Conegliano(TV): NetworkPropaganda
  • CentroBorgo, Bologna: Spada Media Group
  • CentroLame, Bologna: Ideasfera
  • CentroNova, Bologna: NetworkPropaganda
  • Centro Leonardo, Imola(BO): Altavia.Disko
  • Le Maioliche, Faenza(Ra): Jets
  • Esp, Ravenna: Different
  • LungoSavio, Cesena(FC): Ideasfera
  • Puntadiferro, Forlì: NetworkPropaganda
  • Malatesta, Rimini: Audio Tre
  • Perlaverde, Riccione(FC): Audio Tre
  • PortoGrande, San Benedetto del Tronto(AP): Jets
  • Città delle Stelle, Ascoli Piceno: Alla Vigna Group
  • Centro d’Abruzzo, San Giovanni Teatino(CH): Different
  • Fonti del Corallo, Livorno: Stile libero
  • Maremà, Grosseto: Different
  • Casilino, Rome: Canali & Partners
  • Tiburtino Shopping Center, Guidonia(RM): Proxima
  • Le Porte di Napoli, Afragola(Na): Privilege Marketing
  • Le Bolle, Eboli(SA): Publievent
  • Katanè, Catania: Jets
  • La Torre, Palermo: Canali & Partners
  • Poseidon, Carini(PA): Stile libero