28 November 2019 15:14

Repurchase and cancellation of certain notes and issue of new notes

Immobiliare Grande Distribuzione SIIQ S.p.A. (“IGD” or the “Company”) announces that today the Notes denominated “€300,000,000 2.500 per cent. Notes due 31 May 2021” and “€162,000,000 2.650 per cent. Notes due 21 April 2022” (the “Existing Notes”) tendered to the offer launched by BNP Paribas S.A. – whose settlement was on 22 November 2019 – were repurchased.

Following such repurchase, the Company required the cancellation of the Existing Notes repurchased by IGD. The following table shows the outstanding nominal amount of the Existing Notes after such cancellation.

Existing Notes ISIN Notes tendered to the offer Notes accepted by the offeror Outstanding nominal amount
€300,000,000 2.500 per cent. Notes due 31 May 2021” XS1425959316 229.207.000 229.207.000 70.793.000
€162,000,000 2.650 per cent. Notes due 21 April 2022 XS1221097394 8.400.000 8.400.000 153.600.000

Moreover, the new notes of a nominal amount of Euro 400,000,000, maturity 28 November 2024 and fixed rate of 2.125% per year, to be paid annually in arrears, with a possible increase of no more than 1.25% per year upon the occurrence of certain events related to the rating assigned to the bonds, as better described in the terms and conditions of the new notes, were issued today.

The new notes are governed by English law and are listed on the multilateral trading facility “Global Exchange Market” organized by Euronext Dublin (ISIN Code: XS2084425466).