1 March 2021 15:00

IGD’s marketing is becoming increasingly more digital

The new tools bring new opportunities, ways to make the relationship with shopping center visitors closer and more personalized.


IGD just launched its first Digital Marketing Campaign. We asked Francesco Soldi, Gruppo IGD’s Head of Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility to explain to us what it’s all about.






Where does this first Digital Plan that you are launching in IGD’s centers come from?

It’s a leg in a journey begun a few years ago: we wanted to change the marketing strategies of our shopping centers in light of the increasingly compelling opportunities that digital tools can offer with a view to increasing the contact with our shoppers.

How did you organize yourselves in order to move forward with this project?

In 2019 the Company decided to include a Digital Specialist in its workforce who immediately started working on defining the most appropriate strategic guidelines for the digitalization of the shopping centers.  The Digital Plan represents the normal evolution in this journey. Its purpose is, in fact, to define a series of actions and services with a view to promoting customer retention, loyalty and personalized offers.  In order to achieve these goals, the Plan illustrates how to develop a system that allows us to find leads through a lead generation process, as well as profile targets in order to establish a dialogue that can be developed over time.

Who are you targeting with the Plan?

The Digital Marketing Plan has two targets: on the one hand, the tenants and on the other, the shoppers, who are also the users. Consequently, a series of actions and services were identified which respond to the needs of these two targets.

When will the Plan be officially launched?

There will be a first phase of implementation by June 2021, when the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system will be deployed in the shopping centers.

What sort of CRM have you set up?

In order to provide increasingly detailed contacts and profiles, actions linked to the different touchpoints have been identified which characterize the customer journey that take into account the online and offline experiences.

What is the ultimate goal that you will achieve once the Digital Plan is fully operative?

The intention is that the gradual implementation of the Digital Plan will result in more personalized offers and, therefore, enhance the malls’ appeal. This result will be easier to achieve as the collaboration with the tenants increases:  we have, in fact, planned for their involvement on various levels beginning already in the second half of 2021. The new Plan will also allow use to identify and offer services that are increasingly more consistent with the needs of shoppers in each individual shopping center.

Where will this Plan lead you?

The Digital Plan should be viewed as the beginning of a journey toward omnichannelism that we will develop gradually based on the results that we achieve, the responses of the targets and changes in the market scenarios.