14 October 2019 15:10

IGD launches a communication campaign for seven of its shopping centers

Bologna, 14 October 2019 – IGD – Immobiliare Grande Distribuzione SIIQ S.p.A., is pleased to announce the launch of its first communication campaign targeting a new image positioning for seven of its quintessential shopping centers in Italy.

The main pay-off of the communication campaign, which has a strong focus on emotional engagement, is “I’m possible, the place where everything is possible”. Through the use of compelling graphics, the campaign aims to create a new brand fantasy. A common thread which will connect all the shopping centers and tell a completely new story capable of leading customers along a path that was conceived to surprise and make people dream.


In a context in which the consumers’ needs and expectations are changing constantly IGD’s goal is to offer a complete experience in a space dedicated not just to shopping, but also to services and wellbeing focused on the experience provided to visitors. The campaign’s concept embodies our idea of the shopping center and our approach to the management of these assetsDaniele Cabuli, IGD’s Chief Operating Officer stated.


This proposal aims to recreate a dream world, full of stories, as well as shapes, colors and settings that are almost surreal and magical. A parallel dimension with respect to daily life, a special time dedicated to yourself, family and friends in a shopping center which becomes a veritable “space to be lived in”, in line with IGD’s unique payoff.

The new campaign was conceived by H-57 Creative Station and guided by the Artistic Director Matteo Civaschi, as well as the CEO Marco Dalbesio.

The campaign will involve both the interior and the exterior of the shopping centers: the ample interiors will be decorated with specific signs, banners, displays, and interactive totems while externally the campaign will be developed through signage, a presence in cinemas and on local radio stations. Social media will also be used with specific videos and content for each shopping center. There will be two significant moments: at the beginning of October and in the second half of January.

The following shopping centers are involved in the campaign: Le Maioliche in Faenza (Ravenna), Esp in Ravenna, Tiburtino in Rome, Centro d’Abruzzo in Pescara, Le Porte di Napoli in Naples, Katanè in Catania and Centro Sarca in Milan.