19 February 2024 11:26

Group Accounting Coordinator

Purpose of the role

Ensure the coordination of the administrative team of all the Italian companies of the Group, guaranteeing that general accounting is carried out correctly and that the financial statements of the Italian subsidiaries are preparated in accordance with the reference accounting principles and in compliance with tax regulations. Collaborate in the preparation of the group consolidated financial statements, applying the IAS/IFRS accounting principles and verifying compliance with the regulations for listed companies.


Main responsibilities and activities

The position reports to the Head of Administration & Group Financial Reporting.

Through the managed administrative team and ensuring correct interaction with other company functions, it oversees the following responsibilities:

  • Collaborate in the drafting of the consolidated financial statements: prepare the reporting packages of the Italian subsidiaries and verify the data received from the foreign subsidiaries; support the “Head of” in the drafting of the consolidated financial statements, as well as in the preparation of the explanatory notes.
  • Collaborate in the process of preparing annual and interim financial statements: manage data for periodic and annual closures; prepare the annual and interim reports in compliance with the timing and civil and fiscal regulations; collaborate in the preparation of the annual accounting statements and additional notes to the financial statements of IGD SIIQ and the Group’s Italian subsidiaries according to the relevant accounting principles and the provisions of the company procedures; collaborate in the preparation of the consolidated financial statements of the Group and the reporting package for the purposes of inclusion in the consolidated financial statements of the parent company.
  • Ensure the correct maintenance of the General Accounting by coordinating with the relevant functions: supervising the updating of the chart of accounts, the correct maintenance of the general accounting records, active and passive invoicing, activities relating to payment orders for the group treasury, making manual payments, checking collections and related records, correct keeping of company books and other books/records.
  • Ensure the correct application and implementation of all fiscal and tax obligations: guarantee tax updates/modifications for the relevant obligations, implementation of tax obligations, tax payments, preparation of refunds, filing of financial statements, as well as corporate obligations envisaged in collaboration with the other relevant services of the Group.
  • Collaborate in Corporate Administration: coordinate the collection of the documentation for the audits by the boards of statutory auditors and by the auditing firms.
  • Collaborate in the production of reports for the Management.
  • Ensure the updating and alignment of data in the system.
  • Ensure the application and compliance with company procedures relating to the responsibilities.


Job requirements

  • College degree in economics or similar fields
  • At least 5 years of experience in auditing firms/consultancies
  • Great understanding in consolidated and separate financial statements, Italian and international accounting standards, corporate taxation
  • Proactive, problem solver, good people management skills
  • English
  • Understanding of Office 365 and integrated management systems


Location: Bologna

Interested parties are asked to kindly submit their applications by clicking on the link provided below or by writing to ufficio.personaleigd@gruppoigd.it.