11 July 2023 8:44

Contracts Specialist

Purpose of the role

The Contracts Specialist guarantees that contracts are prepared and finalized in accordance with the company guidelines.


Responsibilities and duties

  • Ensure that agreements are finalized in accordance with the economic terms and conditions agreed upon and in compliance with the law, following through with the drafting and execution of the contracts and relative deeds.
  • Ensure that the information included in the deeds signed is correct and complete.
  • Verify that the contractual obligations are complied with during the execution and subsequent phases.
  • Oversee all the activities in preparation for the drafting and execution of the deeds, with a view to meeting all technical, administrative and contractual deadlines
  • Work with the commercial department on the drafting of the agreements, taking part in any negotiations relative to the agreements and specific contractual clauses
  • Manage the relationships with the tenants with respect to the definition and execution of, and compliance with, the contracts


Job requirements

  •  College degree in Jurisprudence
  • Good communication and negotiations skills
  • Proactive and a team player
  • Knowledge of contractual law, rules and regulations (including tax and administrative aspects)
  • At least 2 years of experience in similar roles a plus
  • English
  • Good understanding of the Microsoft Office suite


Location: Bologna

Date job offer published: 11/07/2023


Interested parties are asked to kindly submit their applications by clicking on the link provided below or by writing to ufficio.personaleigd@gruppoigd.it.