19 January 2017 11:41

Approval of the merger by incorporation of IGD PROPERTY SIINQ S.p.A. and of PUNTA DI FERRO SIINQ S.p.A into IGD SIIQ S.p.A.

IGD – Immobiliare Grande Distribuzione SIIQ S.p.A. (“IGD SIIQ S.p.A.” or the “Issuer”), advises that the Board of Directors, in the meeting held today, resolved – pursuant to Sec. 2505, second paragraph, of the Italian Civil Code and  Art. 22 of the By-laws – to approve the merger by incorporation of its wholly-owned companies IGD PROPERTY SIINQ S.p.A. and PUNTA DI FERRO SIINQ S.p.A. (jointly the “Incorporated Entities”).

On this same date, the transaction has been unanimously approved, within the scope of their respective competence, by the Extraordinary Meetings of the Incorporated Entities.

The merger deed will be signed according to the time limits prescribed by law.

The transaction, already announced to the Market on December 15th 2016, is a part of the streamlining and simplifying program of the current corporate structure of the IGD SIIQ S.p.A. Group. By means of the merger, in fact, will be realized a single, more rational and economically viable, corporate structure that will improve the exploitation of the assets of the participating companies by granting the Issuer with the possibility to directly exercise those activities so far carried out by the Incorporated Entities.

The minutes of the merger resolution approved today by the Board of Directors of the Issuer will be made available to the public according to the time limits prescribed by law and with all the modalities provided under applicable laws and regulations.

For further details on the transaction, please refer to the merger plan, approved by the Board of Directors on December 15th 2016 and to the other documents available on the Governance Section of the website www.gruppoigd.it.