Our centers are places and stages for a multitude of events

The events are an integral part of our philosophy: in 2018 we organized a total of 530 events in Italy with a total cost of over 3 million euro; in Romania, Winmarkt organized 110 events and campaigns with a total cost of 100 thousand euro.

For IGD marketing also means successfully combining  commercial and social contexts in its centers

This is where the social role of the shopping center, which we summarize in our payoff “Spaces to be lived in” comes from.  Each day we work to organize events of different types which focus on commercial aspects, as well as recreational/sporting, socially minded and regional initiatives.   The calculation of the best mix of events is contained in the Marketing Plan which provides each shopping center with the corporate guidelines that have been adapted to reflect the needs and necessities specific to each region and competitive environment.

/Events in our shopping centers