13 September 2023 17:47

Officine Storiche at Porta a Mare, an innovative urban renewal project sponsored by IGD, opens its doors: tomorrow IGD and the Municipality of Livorno together at the ribbon cutting ceremony

A new area dedicated to entertainment, dining, leisure and shopping will be inaugurated tomorrow in a unique setting found between the sea and the historic heart of the city, completely redeveloped and returned to the community


The appointment is for tomorrow morning when the Mayor of Livorno, Luca Salvetti, Rossella Saoncella and Claudio Albertini, respectively Chair and CEO of Gruppo IGD Siiq, will inaugurate the redevelopment of Porta a Mare’s Officine Storiche, Livorno’s old shipyards. A cultural heritage site which is now being given back to the city after having been inaccessible to citizens for years.

The redevelopment of Officine Storiche, which began in 2019 and was suspended for a year during the pandemic, is part of the bigger urban renewal plan for the multi-use Porta a Mare waterfront project.  This complex spans more than ten hectares near the Nuova Darsena and the Molo Mediceo, the piers of Livorno’s historic port. Gruppo IGD, which became part of the Porta a Mare project in 2007, has already completed the construction of the Mazzini section, Palazzo Orlando and the Clock Tower.

“The inauguration of Officine Storiche marks the completion of a long journey which we have pursued over the years in order to give a new look to an area which is particularly rich in meaning for the city. We also completed our first mixed-use project, while also satisfying the new needs and wants of the local area. Given these positive premises, we are optimistic that the project will be well received and attract a broad catchment area thanks to the many opportunities it provides,” stated Claudio Albertini, IGD’s CEO.

Officine Storiche comprises 42 residential units (70 percent of which have already been sold) and a retail area spanning a GLA of 16,200 square meters, with 5 medium-sized stores, 21 retail shops  and a 4,700 square meter fitness center. While strongly rooted in the local area, the project involved a particularly innovative concept which allowed IGD to transform the entire area into a new destination for the city, with spaces dedicated to entertainment, dining, leisure and shopping, along with residential solutions, found in a unique setting between the sea and the city’s historic center.


Thanks to the renewal of Officine Storiche, today the entire Porta a Mare area in Livorno looks like a multi-use waterfront, perfectly integrated into the urban fabric. It represents a link between  past and present, between industrial architecture and former shipyards, which creates a new horizon for Livorno.


During construction IGD Siiq paid great attention to limiting energy consumption, as well as to the use of renewable energy. The residential and retail areas were built in full compliance with the concept of environmental sustainability and with a view to maximum energy efficiency, in accordance with the most advanced criteria for Class A buildings. The buildings are equipped with individually operated central heating and cooling systems and use geothermal energy from the sea as the preferred source. The utilities shared by the residential and retail units will be powered by energy generated through on-site solar energy systems.

The uniqueness and beauty of the site, as well as the setting, have attracted domestic and global retailers who have decided to open stores at Officine Storiche, in many cases for the first time in the area. This allowed IGD to create a tenant mix capable of appealing to a diverse target, interested in the opportunities that the osmosis between shopping, entertainment and catering provides, in order to become a pole of attraction for a broad catchment area.

The brands that will be found inside Officine Storiche include: Primark, JD Sport, Original Marines for clothing; Pandora, Blue Spirit, Librerie.coop, Giochi Preziosi, Dmail, Just in case for culture and leisure. The food and beverage locations that will open include Starbucks, McDonald’s, Pokè Sun Rice, La Piadineria, Calavera, Billy Tacos, Amodo Bakery, Alice Pizza, Gelato Sicily, and Pan di Nino.  Personal and health care needs will be met by Profumeria Douglas and Ottica Lama.

There will also be a Wappy, an innovative family entertainment space, of more than 1,700 square meters and a 4,700 square meter Tonic fitness center.

Porta a Mare’s urban transformation plan will continue with the development of the other sections – Lips, Molo Mediceo and Arsenal.  Gruppo IGD is currently working on redesigning these areas in accordance with the plan recently adopted by the municipality of Livorno, which aims to respond to a variety of needs by providing housing, office space, retail space, tourist accommodations and services, functionally integrated with the city’s historic areas and the marina.