13 June 2024 10:22

IGD presents an initial revision of the businesses’s organizational structure with a view to achieving the growth targets for the next three-year period

  • Development and consolidation of freehold assets
  • Creation of a new business unit: Asset Services for Third Parties
  • Streamlined processes
  • Enhancement of internal talent mobility


Bologna, 13 June 2024. IGD – Immobiliare Grande Distribuzione SIIQ S.p.A., one of the main players in Italy’s retail real estate sector and listed on Borsa’s Italiana’s Euronext STAR segment, has completed a revamping of the company divisions in order to future strengthen the corporate structure, tapping into its wealth of internal talent in accordance with the Group’s human resources management policy.  The new organizational structure, which also includes new functions, is effective as from 1 June and will become fully operational at the beginning of October.

The new divisions will be guided by managers who were already part of IGD’s top management and who will report directly to Roberto Zoia, the Chief Executive Officer and General Manager.

Gianluca Martora, previously Head of Property, Pilotage and Strategic HSE, will act as Director of Asset Management and become part of the group of managers with strategic responsibilities.

Gianluca, who was also appointed CEO of the Romanian companies, will be responsible for all the activities pertaining to Project & Construction Management, Strategic HSE, Energy, Pilotage and Facility Management.

As part of the new company organization, IGD created a new business unit, Asset Services for Third Parties,

which will focus on the new opportunities for development stemming from providing asset services to third parties, as well all as on extracting value from the leases already in place.  The new business unit will be guided by Matteo Burato, who previously acted as the Head of the Central-Northern Commercial Network and is now assuming the role as Head of Asset Services for Third Parties.  Following the creation of the new business unit, in order to improve efficiency and have one individual responsible for the freehold shopping centers, Alfonso Fortunato, formerly responsible for the Central-Southern Commercial Network, will become National Head of Shopping Center Management.

Raffaele Nardi, a manager with strategic responsibilities, was appointed Planning, Control, Investor Relations and Sustainability Director (previously he was Director of Planning, Control and Investor Relations) expanding his responsibilities to include the activities linked to CSR, Investment Planning Control & Evaluation and Operations Planning & Control.

The manager with strategic responsibilities Laura Poggi assumes the role of Leasing, Digital & Innovation Director (previously she was Commercial, Marketing and CSR Director).

Laura will be responsible for all the leasing activities, as well as the further development of digital activities across the entire portfolio.  Poggi is charged with driving innovation, in terms of new merchandise and brands, as well finding ways to fuel new synergies between landlords and tenants.

Lastly, Giuseppe Sabetta, who was Head of the Authorization, Urban Planning and Asset Insurance Division, will become Value Add, Permitting & Insurance Manager.

Giuseppe’s main responsibility will be to enhance the portfolio, developing the best ways at various levels – urban planning, building and pre-letting – to increase revenues.


Roberto Zoia, the Chief Executive Officer and General Manager, stated: “The purpose of the new organizational structure for operational management is twofold; streamlining and improving processes, as well as enhancing the expertise developed internally by the team of great professionals I am proud to lead.  Thanks, in fact, to the improved and more effective approach to the different areas of expertise, we will be both closer to our assets and able to accelerate the development of the new business unit, Asset Services for Third Parties, the purpose of which is to manage the leases with third parties, a new opportunity for IGD to generate value.  We are also counting a lot on Value Add which was created specifically to find solutions for the more complicated segments, exploring the best solutions like changing property use or adjusting the sales area, in order to obtain the best results from our assets.  Lastly, the strengthening of the relationships between landlord and tenant is crucial as this will make it possible to increase the scope of our collaborations.  I am sure that growing internal resources is the best way to recognize the great commitment seen over the years, encouraging them to always give their best in order to achieve the growth targets that we have set for ourselves in the coming years.”