21 May 2020 16:49

Good footfalls in IGD’s Shopping Centers in the first days post lockdown

The numbers relative to footfalls in the Italian shopping centers as of 18 May (the date on which retail reopened nationwide) were highly anticipated.

IGD was particularly satisfied to find that in the three day period between Monday, 18 and Wednesday, 20 May, with respect to the same period 2019, 80% of the visitors decided to return to their shopping centers immediately.

In addition, currently more than 90% of the points of sale are up and running, while the remainder are getting ready to open as soon as possible. It should also be remembered that IGD’s properties never closed during the lockdown, guaranteeing essential services (food products, pharmaceuticals, optical care and others) and all the measures needed to operate in complete safety were adopted.

The good turnout reflects the positive effect of the important measures adopted by IGD to protect the safety and health of visitors and shopping mall retailers: separate paths for essential and non-essential services, air treatment using natural air exchange and not recycled air, daily disinfections and periodic sanitization, thermal cameras which take body temperatures confidentially while protecting privacy, priority access for medical and nursing personnel, compliance with the limit of one person per every 10 m2 with automatic blocked entry. All of this is supervised by the shopping center security which is also responsible for preventing gatherings and enforcing the use of masks.

In Romania, where they exited the lockdown on Saturday, 16 May, the footfalls were also significant even if restrictions are still in effect for the largest stores and restaurants.

IGD is also working on the challenges that will emerge during the crisis exit phase and the return to normalcy. The “Moving Forward” plan was defined comprised of a few of the steps and objectives we will work on over the next few months: new promotional activities in response to the economic crisis, enhancement of omnichannel opportunities, increased digitalization with the personalization of services.