11 April 2022 10:22

Financial Analyst

Responsibilities and daily activities

The Financial Analyst works as part of Finance and Treasury and has the following responsibilities:

  • contributes to preparing proactive and dynamic treasury budgets and the relative instruments;
  • prepares multiyear cash flow plans, combining the figures received from company divisions with existing cash flow projections;
  • calculates the amortized cost of the main financial instruments in accordance with international accounting standards;
  • analyzes risk and the relative hedges, estimating the financial and economic impact, as well as preparing hedging reports;
  • analysis of the economic and financial impact of new financial transactions based on the knowledge of the main financial instruments;

supports the Finance division during extraordinary financial transactions;

  • supports the Finance division in the relations with the rating agencies and prepares the analyses that are needed.

Skills & Experience

  • College degree in Economics-Finance, preferably Finance
  • 3-5 years of experience as a financial analyst in a Finance division
  • Other skills: goal driven, team player, proactive, problem solver
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Level B2 English
  • Digital proficiency: extensive knowledge of Office, particularly Excel and PowerPoint


Location: Bologna

Expected start date: June 2022

Date job offer publised: 11/04/2022


Interested parties are asked to kindly submit their applications by clicking on the link provided below or by writing to ufficio.personaleigd@gruppoigd.it.