5 March 2021 11:05

Extract of notice of call for Ordinary AGM of 15 April 2021

An Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of Immobiliare Grande Distribuzione Società di Investimento Immobiliare Quotata S.p.A. (abbreviated “IGD SIIQ S.p.A.”) is convened in Bologna (BO), in Via Trattati Comunitari Europei 1957-2007, no. 13, on 3rd floor, on 15 April 2021, at 10:00 a.m., in first call and, if necessary, on 16 April 2021, at the same place and time, in second call, to discuss and resolve on the following


  1. Separate financial statements at 31.12.2020; Directors’ report on operations; External auditors’ report; Report of the Board of Statutory Auditors; Presentation of the consolidated financial statements at 31.12.2020; related and consequent resolutions.
  2. Allocation of the operating results; related and consequent resolutions
  3. Report on the remuneration policy and compensations paid pursuant to art. 123-ter, paragraphs 3-ter and 6, of Legislative Decree 58/98:

3.1 First section: remuneration policy. Binding resolution

3.2 Second section: compensations paid. Non-binding resolution

  1. Appointment of the Board of Directors

4.1 Determination of the number of directors;

4.2 Determination of the Board of Directors’ term of office;

4.3 Appointment of the Board of Directors;

4.4 Determination of the Board of Directors’ remuneration;

  1. Appointment of the Board of Statutory Auditors

5.1 Appointment of three standing and three alternate auditors;

5.2 Appointment of the Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors;

5.3 Determination of the Board of Statutory Auditors’ remuneration.

* * *

COVID-19 EMERGENCY– Participation in the Shareholders’ Meeting

In consideration of the protracted COVID-19 epidemiological emergency and for the pursuit of the maximum protection of the health of Shareholders, corporate officers, employees and consultants, the Company has decided to make use of the option originally provided by art. 106, paragraph 4, of the Law Decree of 17 March 2020, no. 18, as subsequently extended, providing that the participation in the Shareholders’ Meeting by the entitled parties can only take place through the representative appointed by the Company pursuant to art. 135-undecies of Legislative Decree no. 58/98, identified in Computershare S.p.A., with registered office in via Lorenzo Mascheroni no. 19 – 20145 Milan (the “Appointed Representative”), as specified below.

For information on the right to add additional items to the meeting’s agenda and to present new resolutions, on the right to exercise voting rights and proxies in the Annual General Meeting, as well as on the right to ask questions before the meeting, please refer to the full text of this notice of call published on the Company’s website at www.gruppoigd.it .

The documentation related to the Shareholders’ Meeting will be made available to the public in accordance with the deadlines and modalities set by law, on the Company’s website, www.gruppoigd.it, in Governance – Shareholders’ Meeting section at the following link https://www.gruppoigd.it/en/governance/shareholders-meeting/ as well as on the authorized storage system eMarket STORAGE www.emarketstorage.com, managed by Spafid Connect S.p.A. and in accordance with the further  modalities set by law.

This documentation will be also made available at the Company’s registered office and.

With reference to the appointment of the Board of Directors and the Board of Statutory Auditors, please be advised that the list of candidates may be presented by individual shareholder or groups of shareholders who together hold voting shares representing at least 4.5% of the share capital. The list of candidates must be filed with the Company at least twenty-fifth day before the day in which the Shareholders’ Meeting is to be held in first call; however, considering that such term ends on a non-working day (i.e. 21 March 2021), it shall be considered as postponed to the first working day available following such date, i.e. 22 March 2021. Ownership of the minimum shareholding required for the submission of lists is determined by taking into account the shares registered in favour of the shareholder on the day on which the lists are filed with the Company.