1 June 2012 18:51

Completion of the share capital increase reserved for recipients of the dividend for 2011 (c.d. Dividend Reinvestment Option)

69.654% of the shares offered subscribed, for a total of approximately € 13,296,654.08 million

Today the public offer to subscribe 29,827,267 newly issued ordinary shares of Immobiliare Grande Distribuzione Società di Investimento Immobiliare Quotata S.p.A. (“IGD”), reserved for recipients of the dividend for 2011, in execution of the resolution approved during the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting held on 19 April 2012, was completed.

In the period between 21 May 2012 and 1 June 2012, included, 20,776,022 newly issued ordinary shares of IGD were subscribed, 69.654% of the total shares offered for a total amount of approximately € 13,296,654.08.

At the end of the offer IGD’s new share capital, therefore, amounts to € 322,545,915.08, represented by 330,025,283 ordinary shares without a stated par value.

“The positive outcome of the transaction, which took place in a particularly delicate moment for the stock market, is testimony to the support of our shareholders and encourages us to  be even more commited to our work going forward” stated  Claudio Albertini,  Chief Executive Officer of IGD – Immobiliare Grande Distribuzione SIIQ