5 December 2011 17:15

Billa expands its network of supermarkets through the partnership with Winmarkt

Winmarkt network of shopping centers and Billa Romania has sealed a partnership based on which Billa is to open 2 supermarkets in Winmarkt shopping centers located in the center of Galati and Piatra Neamt.

Therefore, Billa will open a supermarket at the ground floor of Winmarkt Petrodava in Piatra Neamt and Winmarkt Modern in Galati. Billa supermarket in Piatra Neamt will be inaugurated on December 14, 2011, having a surface of 878 sqm., while the one in Galati will cover a surface of 827 sqm. and will open at the beginning of 2012.

We are pleased of the partnership with Winmarkt network. We are confident in the success of the two new shops and I am glad that our network will expand in 2 important cities in the east of the country. Our customers will be able to find in these 2 locations the kind of products and services which they are used to, in central locations and always at their disposal.”, declared Sorana Georgia, Chief Executive Office, Billa Romania.

Through this new agreement, the process of implementing the food offer in Winmarkt shopping centers is almost finalized. This process, started in 2009 as an important component of company’s strategy, has had as result the insertion of a supermarket retailer in the central area of 12 cities in Winmarkt network. For the locations in Galati and Piatra Neamt, Billa has been the most suitable choice for Winmarkt shopping centers’ market positioning point of view in these 2 cities. We are very pleased for attracting this international retailer in our network and we are confident that the results of our collaboration will be profitable for both companies”, declared Antonio Di Berardino, Chief Executive Officer, Winmarkt.