21 May 2024 9:23

2023 Sustainability Report

The Board of Directors approved the Corporate Sustainability Report 2023 which was subject to Limited Assurance by Deloitte & Touche which certified compliance with the most important international standards (the GRI Standards).

The main results obtained in 2023, consistent with the planning and targets to 2024, are summarized below.  The achievement rate is estimated to have reached 68.8%.


Green: invested €3.9 million to decrease the portfolio’s environmental footprint, approximately 75% of which was invested in systems in order to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. More in detail:

  • completed the first phase of the ESP Center’s innovative emission reduction project;
  • installed 4 new solar energy systems, including 1 in Italy (La Favorita, Mantua active as from 2024) and 3 in Romania (Tulcea, Piatra Neamt and Ramnicu Valcea), where the Ploiești system, built in 2022, also became operational;
  • installed new energy consumption meters, including those based on artificial intelligence, which can decrease intervention time in the event of deviations from consumption estimates;
  • continued to invest in lighting systems, completing the installation of led technology lighting at the Portogrande Shopping Center (as part of the restyling) and at Katanè in Catania. Led lighting was also installed in Officine Storiche’s new retail section;
  • continued to work on “Zero waste” with a view to further increasing the waste recycling rate (which has reached 89%) and the inauguration of the innovative circular economy project “Waste 2 Value” at the Nova Center in Bologna;
  • continued with the installation of electric charging stations: a total of 122 charging stations have been installed in 22 IGD Shopping Centers or 85% of the Italian portfolio.



  • launched the “People Project,” an initiative directed at identifying processes and tools for human resource management in order to support corporate strategies which foster employees’ professional growth paths;
  • provided training to all employees, in both Italy and Romania;
  • continued with the Corporate Wellbeing Project, with 99% of eligible participants getting involved and new benefits/services added to the platform;
  • took the steps needed to renew the Biosafety certification at 100% of the assets included in the Italian shopping center portfolio, in addition to headquarters.



  • adopted the “Group Enterprise Risk Management Policy” and defined new ways to manage the ERM model
  • carried out first phase of the integration of the risks monitored through the ERM system and ESG risks
  • consistent with European best practices, defined the “Responsible Supply Chain Policy”
  • obtained three-year renewal of UNI ISO37001 anti-corruption certification
  • defined specific cybersecurity measures aimed at protecting corporate networks and preventing possible cyber-attacks.



  • new assets, like Officine Storiche, and restyling characterized by a focus on social and environmental impact;
  • added 22 new brands in Italy as a result of scouting activities carried out during the year;
  • growth in the number of in-person events compared to 2022, with a significant increase in the number of socio-environmental activities as a percentage of the total number of organized mall events.



  • Green finance: obtained the second green bank loan (for €250 million)
  • organized more than 1,100 meetings, in-person or online, with more than 700 retailers
  • involved about 1,600 people in 5 shopping center satisfaction surveys
  • strengthened regional interaction: organized engagement initiatives with the communities in 96% of the Italian shopping centers and 37% of the events organized focused on the local initiatives (highest amount in the last 10 years).